Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

It's FREEZING cold out lately and each time we go out of the house Cami gets all bundled up. Her latest fashion trend is her new hat. When I bought it I really didn't think she would keep it on for more than a minute but surprisingly she LOVES it. She even keeps it on at daycare for an hour or two while she plays and she cries when you try to take it off of her. She couldn't look more adorable in it and Mommy and Daddy sure are happy she doesn't mind being all bundled up in this cold weather. We hope everyone is staying warm!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Santa Visit

Today Jon and I took Cami for her first ever picture with Santa. Cami showed courage, grace and MUCH interest in Santa. Although all of the workers were convinced that our picture would be a disaster due to her age being prime 'stranger fear' age, Cami proved everyone wrong. When we finally had to leave she reached for Santa and tried to hang tight to his beard so Mommy wouldn't take her away. She MUST know this big man will be bringing her presents in a few weeks.

All in all, it was a great little family Christmas outing. Not only did we get Cami's picture taken with Santa, but we also went out to lunch, did some Christmas shopping AND got our annual family Christmas ornament. Now all we need is Christmas Day to get here quickly!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Box Fun

Cami is definitely feeling better because lately meal times are some of her favorite times of the day. She is eating a ton (last night she ate half of my plate full of food) and she is thoroughly enjoying everything about time in her high chair - especially "THE BOX".

Cami has discovered that putting cereal boxes on your head makes for a hilarious looking hat. If she can get her hands on an empty cereal box her life is complete. She giggles, puts it on my head, puts it on her head, tries to dive into it, etc. I can't help but giggle and watch with complete adoration as she experiences some of life's simple pleasures. I need to take some life lessons from her. :-)

Curly Cami

As Cami's hair continues to grow we are noticing more and more little curls and waves in her hair. The latest is the intense curl behind her right ear that you can see above. I couldn't love it more and I wish she would keep it forever and ever, but only time will tell!