Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

So, Christmas 2011 has come and gone. We had a very busy but wonderful Christmas.

We started the season out with LOTS of oo'ing and ahhh'ing about the Christmas Tree.
We also did a lot of talking, reading and more talking about Santa Claus. Cami seemed to have the right idea...check out the pic below. Her shirt says "I've been good, just ask Grandma."
We did lots of festive Christmas things such as attend the Bull Run Festival of Lights, sing lots of Christmas songs, wrap presents and Cami's favorite...decorating the tree. Here she is checking out some ornaments.

Christmas Eve was fun but exhausting. Cami didn't get a nap because we had to get ready and get to church extra early for a decent seat on the aisle so we could cater to her antsy self and keep her in church for the entire time. Needless to say, not having a nap was hard for her and she fell fast asleep on our way to church.
Christmas morning was magical. Cami was amazed that Santa came to visit her and she was THRILLED with her new kitchen that he brought her. Jon and I had so much fun enjoying Christmas through the eyes of our own child. That has to be one of the best feelings.
In two days we will be going down to Jon's parents so that we can do Christmas all over again. We got word that Santa made a special stop there for Cami too!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Day!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Our Latest Adventure

Our latest adventure has a new medical issue for Cami. We noticed a few months back that Cami's left eye was turning inwards a bit when she looked at things close up and/or when she was tired. We finally made it to the Opthamologist for this issue and found out that Cami has accomodative esotropia. The Opthamologist informed us that Cami would need glasses to (hopefully) fix the problem. He said that in aout 80% of kids glasses will do the trick and fix the eye from moving inward, strengthen the eye muscle and then in a few years many kids can even be taken off of using glasses and have perfectly normal vision. This is our hope!

Soooooo...with the news of the latest medical condition for Cami we began the hunt for glasses. I definitely underestimated the difficulty of finding glasses for a petite two year old. We went to a variety of places and this is what we found.
All of the glasses seemed to be swimming on her and literally sliding off her face. After much research and looking around we found out that it is impossible to find cute wire framed glasses for children as small as Cami. She needed a size 38 and the smallest wire frames made were a size 42. We did the best we could and found Cami the cutest and ugliest frames we could find. I just keep reminding myself that her friends can't make fun of her yet because she's still too small and also that next year we can upgrade to cuter frames. For now though, these are the frames we had to go with.

We ordered the frames in a cute lavender color so that it will look better with her skin color than the gray frames they had in the store to try on. The upside is that the frames are rubber and therefore virtually indestructible. Let's hope the transition to wearing glasses full time is an easy one. Look for an update in the next week or two when her REAL lenses and frames come in. Wish us all luck in the transition process!