Saturday, January 7, 2012


The picture above is our LAST Mommy/Daughter picture of 2011. Wow - 2011 is finished. In reflecting back on all that 2011 had in store for us I have so many emotions.

The first emotion is happiness and I literally can't stop smiling and giggling over all of the things that have brought me joy in 2011. Cami learned to walk, Cami learned to run, Cami learned to put together strings of words, Cami has a sense of humor (I love it when she waves her hand and says "Gus farted" even when he didn't because she wants a laugh), Cami says things that melt my heart like "Mommy, I love you", "Don't be sad, Mommy", and "Have a good day at work, Mommy" etc., and most importantly of all, Cami and Jon both ended 2011 the healthiest they both have been in the past 2 years!

I also have a bit of anxiety in looking back on 2011. What caused anxiety for me in 2011? Here are a few: Cami had 3 hospital stays, 1 trip to the ER, 9 strep infections and 2 surgeries (1st for just ear tubes and the 2nd to replace ear tubes and remove tonsils and adenoids), became resistant to all antibiotics for treating strep, confirmed a peanut allergy after a blood test and a skin test showed us scary results, diagnosed with an eye condition (acommodative esotropia) and got glasses at the age of 2 (being the trooper she is, thankfully she took beautifully to them) and I started back to work full time.

After reading and reflecting on the list of challenging things in 2011 that our family dealt with, I honestly wouldn't go back and change anything. Yes there were days when I cried uncontrollably and asked God why he gave me the challenges he has. Yes there were MANY days when I wanted (and still want) to take away the medical conditions for both my daughter and my husband. Yes there were many days when I held total pity parties for myself for having to deal with all of this. Despite that, I firmly believe that every single one of the challenges we have dealt with have made our family stronger, despite making our bank account more broke.

The most important thing is that we all ended 2011 happy, healthy and ready for a fresh start. Cami hasn't shown any signs of strep and/or ear infections since August and Jon is stopping his steroids in February because his kidney function levels have improved so much. Jon and I both have great full time jobs and Cami is at a daycare that we couldn't possibly love and trust any more. We. Are. Blessed.

Happy 2012! We hope 2012 continues to bring our family more blessings, health, giggles and smiles.

( First Picture of 2012 - I just LOVE how happy we are!)