Saturday, September 26, 2009

Burgeoning Belly = Difficult Times

Although I have LOVED being pregnant (really, I have!) I am now ready to call it quits and meet our little girl. Just in the past week I have been noticing all of the ways that my ever growing belly causes things to be difficult for me. I have decided to make an informal list of ways that my burgeoning belly can be troublesome and frustrating lately.

*WARNING*: Some of the things on the list may be more information than you want to know - so read with caution (there's nothing TOO bad on here though...I am tasteful).

1. Sitting on the couch. Yes folks, sitting on the couch has become troublesome and difficult. It usually takes me about 2-3 minutes once I sit down to get into a position where my belly is comfortable and thus the rest of my body can finally rest comfortably.

2. Standing up after being in a sitting/laying position for any period of time. Really, you should see me try to stand up after sitting on the couch for a while, or better yet after laying down, it is truly a show. It's almost like watching Shamu hoist himself out of the water. People might be willing to pay money to watch me struggle with this usually simple task.

3. Putting pants on/taking pants off. This is one on the list that is one of the most frustrating things for me. Sometimes it takes me 2 or 3 times to lift my leg in hopes that it will fall into the leg of my pants. Usually when I do finally get my leg into/out of my pants it is out of pure luck. Imagine this: Meghan makes determined face, quickly lifts her leg while making a face as though she's performing a very grueling phyiscal activity, Meghan quickly shakes her pants out in front of her in hopes that the leg of the pants will meet the ever so slightly elevated leg of her humongously pregnant body, repeat process until a success occurs. FRUSTRATING!!!

4. Showering. I admit, showering is no simple task anymore. All I will say about this one is that reaching all areas of the body to clean is quite difficult. Enough said!

5. Shaving my legs. I guess 4 & 5 go together, but shaving is so difficult in itself that it deserves it's own number on my list. Thank goodness for the seat in my shower, but even with the seat I have much difficulty. When you have a belly that sticks out as far as mine currently does it is VERY difficult, whatever position you try, to carefully use a razor on your legs. I have found myself multiple times rocking back and forth to try and gain momentum before attempting to reach my ankles with the razor. Not only is this a difficult task lately but it can become dangerous if I'm not careful. I have given myself a few minor cuts on many occasions over the past couple weeks.

6. Sitting on the floor. Game over: I am sitting on the floor no more. Once I get down, I literally can't get up anymore.

7. Using the restroom. Okay, so using the restroom isn't the's finishing the deed that is difficult. Have you ever tried wiping with a HUGE stomach!? I never thought I would have a problem with this, but it's definitely not easy to get around the belly to finish this task that most people take for granted on a daily basis!

8. Giving a urine sample. This is one that REALLY frustrates me. If you have ever been pregnant you will know that each time you go to the OBGYN's office they make you give them a urine sample. Until about 2 months ago I didn't think anything of it. Now everytime I go in for my Doctor's appointments, I say a little prayer that when I go to give my sample that the urine actually makes it into the cup and not all over my hand since I can't see ANYTHING past my stomach. So far so good in my case, but it takes a lot of practice and patience. I'm sure there are plenty of other pregnant women out there that haven't had the same luck as I have so far with this task: It's HARD!

9. Sleeping. Sleeping is just plain HARD these days. I usually sleep well for the first two hours and then it all goes downhill. I have to turn over every couple hours because my hips will start to hurt. This doesn't sound so awful, but the catch is that in order to turn over these days I have to sit all the way up first and then make the turn. Sitting up from a laying down position is not simple, as described in #2 above. By the time I turn over then I'm wide awake and usually so is the baby.

10. Teaching. Yes, it's true that teaching is NEVER easy for anyone, pregnant or not. Being this pregnant though makes it SO much more difficult than it even is normally. One day I was teaching a lesson and I needed to make a chart with the students to hang in the room. As the students told me their ideas, I added them to the chart. I quickly found out that leaning across my body to write on the chart paper wasn't happening. I couldn't quite make it all the way across my burgeoning belly to successfully write my students ideas on the chart. The students seemed to understand but I'm sure I looked ridiculous. My coteachers were probably giggling inside - I just wanted to crawl in a hole and hide!

So there you have it - there's my top 10 things that are the most difficult for me to do these days in random order. I'm sure if you check back next week I will have more to add to the list. For now I will continue to try to master these until little Miss Cambria decides to make her debut. Please Cami, sooner rather than later so Mommy can get back to feeling like a normal human being again.

Friday, September 25, 2009

36 Weeks!!

Dear Cambria,

Here is a new picture of your tiny little hand telling us everything is A-Okay at 36 weeks! This picture was taken of you on Monday, September 21, 2009 when Mommy went in for another ultrasound to see how big you are. You were weighing in at an estimated 6 lbs 11 oz. already and everything looked great. Your arms and legs were moving around and apparently, just based on your thumbs up picture, you are doing quite well and wanted all of us to know that you're happy too!!

Mommy found out on Tuesday, the day after we saw you on ultrasound, that I am already 2 centimeters dilated and more than 50% effaced. The Doctor assured me that if you were to be born now that everything would be just fine based on how far along I am and your estimated weight too. She did tell me though that she wanted me to take off work for the rest of the week and stay home and relax to try and keep you cooking for another week if possible. It's best for you to stay safe in there until you're considered full term at 37 weeks next week.

For the past 3 days we have been following the Doctor's orders. I am home from work and Gus, you and I have been doing a lot of relaxing, watching TV, reading magazines and just plain RESTING. Although I am starting to go crazy with just sitting here and thinking about going into labor, I know that these few days of rest are necessary to make sure that I deliver a happy and healthy little girl.

Your Aunt Brittany brought up a good point last night. She said that she thinks you already love being the center of attention - you must know you have EVERYONE on pins and needles waiting for your debut - especially now with all of this early labor business. I hope this is no indication that you will give your Mommy and Daddy a difficult time raising you. I like to think that you are just SO anxious to get here and meet your family and that is the real reason for this early labor.

Well Cami, that's all for today. Do your best to try and stay safe in there for at least another few days. We are just as anxious to meet you as you are to meet us, but I'd prefer if you obeyed your parents and stayed put at least until next Wednesday, September 30th so you'll be considered full term. We love you so much and with ALL of our hearts!!

Mommy and Daddy

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bed Rest!

So after my appointment yesterday afternoon I have been put on bedrest for the remainder of the week due to already being 2 centimeters dilated and 50% effaced. I was shocked - definitely wasn't expecting to be dilated at all - none the less 2 centimeters.

I have tried to embrace the next 5 days of rest per the Doctor's request the best that I can. Here are a few pictures of my favorite places while I'm being ordered to 'rest'. As you can see in the second picture - Gus has really embraced the Doctor's orders too. He seems to really like this bed rest deal! Let's hope the Doctor's orders work. Hang in there for at least another week Cambria!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nursery Decor

I know that I have not been so great at keeping up with posting as regularly on my blog as I once did. Part of it is due to my long list of things 'to do' before Cami arrives that is taking up all of my free time, part of it is due to being insanely busy at work and part of it is just due to being pure lazy when I do have any free time.

With that being said, we are still patiently awaiting Cambria and each day we wait a little less patiently. Recently we have finished Cambria's nursery and so I want to share some pictures with you of some new 'decor' additions to the room. We are thrilled with how it looks!!

Cami - you can be proud to know that you have the ONLY bedroom in the house with curtains. Obviously we know who rules this roost already!

Here is our new glider. I am thrilled with how it looks and fits and I can't wait to get my little girl here so we can glide together many a nights in this chair!

Although it is hard to see - the sign above the closet says "Thank Heaven For Little Girls". Jon picked this sign out and it goes PERFECTLY!! The picture in the frame to the left is a print of a little girl taking a bubble bath and there is a boxer dog in the tub with her. This is just perfect too because obviously we are having a little girl and as you all know, Gus (our dog) is a boxer and was our first baby.

Lastly - here is Gus snoozing up a storm. He has been doing an awful lot of really cozy sleeping lately. I am convinced he is resting up for the many sleepless nights he will be up pacing with me once the baby is born. I KNOW he will be super protective of Cami once she is here - he's resting up for his big brother duties that will take over in a few short weeks, and who could blame him?!? Rest up buddy - your world is about to be ROCKED!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I think the title of this post, "YIKES", perfectly describes the two pictures below!

If you have ever thought you had cankles (a combined calf/ankle) don't worry - none come CLOSE to the cankles I experience on a daily basis these days! This is DISGUSTING!! I swear there is a separate foot, ankle and calf in there somewhere. YIKESSSS!!!!

On a happier note, look at this 34 week self portrait belly photo I just took. Please excuse how exhausted I look - I took this after a LONG day of work. Look at how much little Cambria is growing. I guess this belly makes the above photo well worth it, right? She's getting HUGE though - YIKESSSS!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

34 Weeks

Dear Cambria,

This week I have done a lot of wondering in regards to you. I do a lot of my 'wondering' when I'm driving to/from work and also when I'm at work and can't focus on what I should (I know, I know, I'm a bad teacher lately).

I wonder what/who you will look like. Will you have china eyes like I did when I was born or will you be round and plump like your Daddy? Will you have dark hair, light hair, or even red hair (like Daddy's beard)? I hope you look more like your Daddy, but he hopes that you look more like Mommy.

I wonder what your personality will be like. Will you be a laid back baby or will you be very cranky and constantly screaming? As you grow into your own little person, will you be shy and keep to yourself like Mommy or will you be outgoing and very friendly like your Daddy? Once again, I hope you're more like your Daddy in this regard. He is a definite people person!

I wonder when you will decide to grace us with your presence. Will you come in the late hours of the night or will you show up early/mid day and be ready to party all night? Will you keep Mommy in labor for a long time or will you be a little girl who likes to get things done and arrive very quickly? (Pst, Mom prefers to speedy arrival, please.) Will you come before, on or after your due date?

There are just so many things that you have me wondering about and you're not even here yet. I can only imagine the wondering and day dreaming that I will do once you are here with us. I guess that's one of the MANY side effects of being a mother - I think for the rest of my life I will constantly be wondering and thinking about you. According to the pregnancy books I read, you are about 5 pounds now. I can't even believe that a 5 pound person that I have never seen (except via ultrasound) has already captured my heart the way you have.

I wonder, will you love me half as much as I already love you?


Sunday, September 6, 2009

33 Weeks

Dear Cambria,

I know, I know, I have been slacking on posting this past week and I apologize for it. Officially I am 33 weeks pregnant with you now (although I'm closer to 34 because my letter is late this week). We have had a jam packed week and a half since my last letter!! Mommy has been very busy at work and you continue to keep me busy as well with all the new ailments and symptoms you are causing me lately too!

We started out last week with a little bit of a scare. I had just not been feeling very well since about Sunday night. I was tired, my stomach was hurting and I just felt like something was wrong. After barely sleeping at all on Sunday or Monday night I decided (with some coaxing from your Daddy) to call the Doctor on Tuesday morning. After describing my symptoms to them over the phone, they decided they wanted me in right away that day to make sure you weren't trying to make an early escape! When we got to the Dr. we were very thankful to find out that although I was having contractions, they weren't because I was in labor. Apparently you sitting on my bladder constantly gave me an infection and the infection was causing some contractions. The Dr. reassured me that you were safe and sound in there with no signs of any early escape on your part. I happily took the prescription for the antibiotics to begin feeling better and left with peace of mind that you were (and still are) comfortable, safe, sound and perfectly growing. I am now on my 5th day of the antibiotics and am feeling MUCH better (no more contractions, so that's always good).

I will say that another lovely symptom you have been giving to me (your Mommy) lately is a severe case of cankles. I came home from work on Friday night and as soon as I pulled up my jeans to look at my ankles I gasped out loud. Your Daddy came quickly over to see what was going on and when he too saw my feet, ankles and calves he said, "Wow - you have NO ankles anymore". The weird thing is that my right leg is ALWAYS swollen way worse than my left leg too. I am not sure the reason for this, and I will ask the Dr. when I go next, but for now I'm chalking it up to the fact that you're always hanging out in the right side of my belly so you're probably pushing on something on that side that's causing my right foot, ankle and calf to swell that much more. My feet/ankles look the best in the morning and by about noon they have just gone severely downhill. I just pray that this is just a normal part of pregnancy and that when I go to the Dr. next they don't tell me they want me home on bed rest until you're born. I REALLY don't want that, so please cooperate little girl!!!

This weekend is Labor Day weekend so Daddy and I have been lucky enough to have a nice 3 day weekend to stay home and relax. I took a nap yesterday afternoon for over 2 hours and I'm pretty sure I will take a nap this afternoon and possibly tomorrow afternoon too. Weekends are so wonderful because I get to catch up on just relaxing and making sure that you and I are both happy, healthy and rested. Daddy is so understanding too when Mommy needs to rest (whether it be for a nap or going to bed at 8:30) because he wants his girls healthy and safe. God love him!!

As much as I have loved being pregnant with you Cambria, I think I am about ready to meet you. A lot of people have been asking me lately if I'm nervous about labor and delivery and my immediate answer is "Oddly, No!" I think I am just so ready to meet you and have you here with us that I don't even care about the multiple hours (and probably days based on my Mom's experiences) of pain and labor that I will first have to go through. I might change my mind while I'm experiencing this pain, but for now it doesn't make me nervous or anxious at all. I guess I just have my eye on the prize - a beautiful and healthy baby girl! We can't wait to meet you - until then, stay safe and cozy (oh, and please stop poking me in the ribs so I can breathe). I love you!!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Strollin' and Stylin'

I can't believe that I have forgotten to make a post about our latest purchase for Cambria. Here is her brand new stroller and car seat. My personal favorite picture is the last one I posted - it's the Mommy Cam View of what I see while I'm pushing the stroller. (**Notice the cool car seat strap covers too - they're made by my awesome sister-in-law and they go PERFECTLY with her pink/white headrest**)

Jon and I are thrilled with our choice and we know Cami will be the most stylin' baby on the block (or in the mall, park or wherever else we take her). The nice thing is that we didn't have to pay one dime out of our own pockets for this lovely stroller/car seat combo. We had so much money with gift cards and gift returns (due to duplicate gifts) that we had more than enough money to get this without breaking our bank account even further than we already have. I LOVE free baby purchases!

Needless to say, although Cami hasn't made her debut yet, and hopefully she won't for at least another month, her stroller has already gone on numerous 'strolls'. We haven't taken it outside in the neighborhood for fear that our neighbors will think we're lunatics for walking an empty stroller, but we have taken many 'strolls' around our living room and kitchen. Each time one of us is 'strolling' around the house the other typically has a big grin on their face with a cute little remark such as 'it's very fitting on you' or 'you're a natural'. I guess you can say we're just a little bit excited to become parents.

Cami has NO idea how stylin' she'll be with all of her cool gadgets when she arrives. What a lucky little girl! Next on our 'to do' list: Have the base to the car seat installed in our car and then we'll REALLY be ready for her arrival! I can't wait!!!