Friday, July 29, 2011

Sleping Beauty

One thing that Cambria inherited from me is definitely her love for sleep. She is an excellent sleeper and I could not be more thankful for that. As long as she feels well and nothing is bothering her then she needs a solid 12 hours at night and then she takes one nap in the afternoon that ranges from 2-3.5 hours! It's glorious!!

Now - onto her sleeping habits. When she sleeps she has be 'cozy'. Last week when I took her up for her nap she was dressed in a tank top and jean shorts because the weather was 105 degrees outside. As soon as she saw her crib she said "No, cozy Mommy" and she whined until I put her in a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt.

She must sleep with her care bear blanket and her little stuffed dog, Violet, that sings her lullabies. At night she has a little ladybug that puts stars on the ceiling in various colors that she has to have on in order to fall asleep.

She is a creature of habit too (another thing she inherited from her Mom) and we must say prayers before nap time and then again at night before she goes to sleep and she always says "Amen" at the end and has just recently started saying "Jesus Amen" when she hears us say "In Jesus name we pray, Amen".

Now for a Mommy confession: I LOVE watching Cami sleep. If you know Cami then you know she does NOT sit still. She is soooo busy and is constantly moving and so when she does finally fall asleep it is the most peaceful thing ever to just watch her little body rest. I couldn't love that sleeping beauty any more, that's for sure!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's Summer, I'm In Love!!

I know that my summer vacation is officially half over but I have to say, I am loving every second of it. The other day I was thinking while Cami was napping and trying to decide what it is about this summer that is so incredibly wonderful. I have come to the conclusion that it's been so great because we have kept busy with LOTS of things to do. First it was a beach trip then it was swim lessons then it was a trip to New York then it was a trip to see Grammie and Grampie and next week we will be taking another trip to New York!

I do think though that some of our most special summer days we have had are our lazy days at home at the pool.

Just look at our little pool Diva!
No, we don't have a pool in our neighborhood but lucky for us Cami's best buddy Ava (whom she goes to daycare with) has a pool in her neighborhood and her Mommy is also a teacher so it's been PERFECT! We usually pack a lunch, head up about 10:30 AM before it gets TOO hot for the day and we stay until about 1:30 when the girls are then practically begging to go home and take a nap. The girls swim their hearts out, Cami flirts with the lifeguards, we eat lunch at a corner pool table in the shade and most importantly the Moms get some adult interaction and time to chat about life too. It has been a highlight of our summer. We couldn't be more thankful to have found better friends in the area! Thanks Erika and Ava for all of the fun memories!

( Don't you just love toddler hugs? They are the cutest!)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Weekend of 'Firsts'

This weekend Cami experienced a bunch of new 'firsts' while visiting her Grammie and Grampie.

She went to her first carnival, played her first carnival game, won her first carnival prize (a couple stuffed fish) and rode her first carnival ride - the merry-go-round.
She was all smiles while at the carnival, but then it started thundering and lightning so we had to take a break. What better way to experience her first snow cone? SHE LOVED IT!
Probably the most important first that Cami experienced this weekend was meeting her newest cousin, Stella Grace, for the first time ever. She was very gentle and gave her lots of kisses and Mommy really enjoyed snuggling with her too. She sure is precious!
Wow - what a fun but busy weekend at Grammie and Grampie's!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I am home for the summer with Cami and I am loving EVERY minute of it. At first I was a little nervous about spending so much time in our house with a toddler with endless amounts of energy but it's been great. We've kept busy and couldn't be having more fun. Today was one of those days when I put Cami down for her nap when I thought to myself "Does she really need to take a nap? I'm going to be bored for the next 2 hours without her." We really are inseperable.

Here's a few pictures of what we've been doing together this summer...

Dressing up for fancy dinners out (this was on our great beach vacation)!

Smelling lots of pretty flowers (this was in NY visiting the Kusak side of the family).

Eating lots of yummy summer treats.

And of course, doing lots and lots of snuggling every chance we get!!!

I really couldn't be a luckier Mom to have such a fabulous little girl as my daughter. I really do cherish every moment that I get to spend with her!