Thursday, July 30, 2009

28 Week Letter

Dear Cambria,

Wow, I can't believe how fast the past 28 weeks have FLOWN by! I went to the Dr. yesterday and everything looked (and sounded great) with you. As always you had a good strong heartbeat and you even measured ahead of schedule. I think you must have just had a major growth spurt and I'm hoping that at my next appointment you will be back on track. I will admit that I'm a little concerned because your Daddy was over 9 pounds when he was born and I don't want you to be so big. I would prefer if you stayed in the 7 pound range, okay?

This week I started back to work. It has been nice and exhausting all at the same time. The first two days I did really well with everything and then things went downhill from there. Yesterday and today I am absolutely EXHAUSTED when I get home. I don't want to cook, clean, do any school work, etc. All I want to do is SLEEP forever! One good thing about it though is that being at work definitely makes the days go by faster which means it will not feel so long in the home stretch when I'm waiting for your arrival.

As I sit in the countless meetings that I have had this week I have been making a list of things that I can't wait for. I've found that it is SOOO hard to concentrate lately on things I should be focused on. Here are a few things that I have been thinking about a lot lately. I can't wait for...your arrival, when my feet stop hurting, my baby shower this weekend, seeing you for the first time, getting the first quarter of work under my belt, getting rid of this awful heartburn, sleeping without having to go to the bathroom a minimum of 3 times a night, losing all this weight I have gained and did I mention your arrival and seeing you for the first time? :-)

I love you!!! Stay cozy and safe and continue to grow big (but not too big), strong and beautiful! Oh, and it would also be greatly appreciated if you stop head butting me (the Dr. told me your head is way down there) in my right hip bone. It's the weirdest feeling ever and it feels pretty uncomfortable.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

28 Week Dr. Appointment...

Today was my big 28 week check up to see how Cami is doing and to take the wonderful glucose test. I promised yesterday that I would let you know how the fruit punch cocktail was, so here goes...The truth is, it really wasn't too bad. It honestly just tasted like regular fruit punch but with some added sugar. The hardest part was drinking it all within 5 minutes, but I managed to do just fine. I had my blood drawn at my appointment and they said that my blood work will be back tomorrow morning and if I don't hear from them by 1:00 tomorrow afternoon that I can know that everything turned out normal. I will keep my fingers crossed that it was all normal so I don't have to go back for the 3 hour glucose test.

The rest of the appointment was great too; well, other than the part when they make me weigh in but I ALWAYS hate that part. First the Dr. measured my stomach and wrote something down in my chart but didn't say anything to me about it. So, being the curious pregnant woman that I am asked her how I measured today. She informed me that at all of my previous appointments I was measuring completely average but that today Cami was measuring a little ahead of schedule - YIKES!!!! I am so glad that she had a growth spurt but I am begging her to go back to measuring average so that I don't have to A) give birth early or B) give birth to a 10 pound baby.

I also told the Dr. that since my last appointment Cambria has been hanging out in the right side of my stomach. She said that's totally normal and when they do hear from pregnant women that their babies are hanging out on one side it's ALWAYS the right side for some reason. I then asked her if she could tell what position Cami is in (head up or down). She felt around and said that her head it way down low and her feet are straight up by my ribs so she's doing a little handstand in my belly. Obviously she could flip numerous times before birth, but if she were to stay this way we'd be in good positioning for her birth.

That's about it for now. I now go back to see the Dr. in 3 weeks and then after that it will be every 2 weeks until I get to be 35 weeks when I will go every single week until she arrives. We're in the home stretch.....bring it on!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Glucose Fun!

This is a picture of the wonderful fruit punch cocktail that I get to enjoy tomorrow afternoon at about 2:00. How exciting!

Yes folks, it is time about that time for my 28 week glucose screening test. I have heard mixed opinions from other pregnant women who have taken this test. I would say about 50% of people I have talked to said it really isn't so bad and the other 50% had some type of horror story about throwing up, gagging, etc. when having to drink the sugary beverage. I guess only time will tell how I react to it. I plan to take my Dr.'s advice and have LOTS of water ready to drink when I finish the 'fruit punch'. I will admit, just to prove how nice my Dr. really is, that I did get to choose between fruit punch flavor and orange flavor. Lately I have been into fruit punch more and really sugary fruit punch sounded way better to me than excessively sugary orange juice.

I will report back tomorrow with the low down on how everything went. My fingers are crossed that the drink isn't as bad as I fear that it might be, that the blood work comes out fine saying that I don't have gestational diabetes and that I get a great report from the Doctor (to include hearing Cambria's heartbeat).

Monday, July 27, 2009

I Will Survive!

"Oh no not I, I will survive..." I think I will adopt that song as my theme song.

Today was my first day back to work and I am BEAT! To start my day off, I got a horrible night's sleep last night. There were a variety of factors that played a role in my poor sleep last night: terrible heartburn, aching hips, moving baby, needing to pee 3 times and the thoughts of going back to work today that kept creeping up on my mind. Anyway, when my alarm went off at 5:15 I was almost glad that it was time to get up (notice that I said 'almost').

Once I got up and on my way I was feeling pretty good. I got to work and it was actually very nice to be there in the company of other adults who were in the same boat as me; not wanting to be there. No, it really was great to see everyone and to catch up on everything that has been going on for the past 5 weeks. I have to admit too, I was pretty productive at work too. By 12:30 I had accomplished all of the following: visiting with coworkers, staff meeting, arranging furniture in office, organizing my desk, emptying my files from my filing cabinet and rearranging them to be more organized, figured out my caseload and coteachers and swapped lots of ideas and files with my office mates.

Okay, so I was productive in the morning....the afternoon was a different story. Around 12:30 the exhaustion hit HARD! All I wanted to do was curl up in my bed (or on my couch) and take a good 2 hour nap. For the entire afternoon I felt as though I was in a daze and looked as though I hadn't slept in 2 weeks (that's sure how I felt). I had to keep getting up and walking around the school in order to keep myself awake (and busy). I was thrilled when it was time to go home so I could crash on the couch and relax. Here's hoping that I can survive the afternoon exhaustion until Cambria debuts in October and here's to also hoping that the afternoon exhaustion doesn't evolve into all day exhaustion.

"Oh no not I, I will survive..."

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Beginning of the End...

Today is the beginning of the end to my 5 week summer vacation and I'm feeling a little sad. I woke up early to try and seize the day and squeeze every last ounce out of it that I could. Instead, I just find myself sitting on the couch cuddling with Gus while Jon plays video games and dreading being at work tomorrow morning at this time. The one good thing that has come out of today so far is the chocolate chip pancakes that Jon made me for breakfast...YUMMMM!

On the bright side, Cambria is kicking up a storm this morning and I have a Dr. appointment on Wednesday to hear her beautiful heartbeat and get an update on how she's doing. I always love going to my Dr. appointments. Usually after I have an appointment I walk around with a permanent smile on my face for the next 24 hours or so just thinking of her strong heartbeat and her wiggling around. There's just something reassuring about hearing her heartbeat even though I feel her moving ALL the time now.

Yesterday we went to our childbirth class. Oh man, what an experience that was. It was NOTHING like what I expected it to be! I thought we would be up moving around and practicing a lot (after all, they did have us bring pillows and blankets). Instead, we sat in some VERY uncomfortable chairs for 5 hours while some elderly woman preached to us all about pregnancy. I did learn some new things, but for the most part it just made me more anxious about the whole process. At one point the instructor was demonstrating the 'haa, hee' breathing technique and she was slowly walking around the room practicing. It became awkward because the entire room fell quiet and she was making these 'haa, hee' noises. She stopped RIGHT next to Jon's chair and was basically breathing very loudly and heavily in his ear and when I glanced at him and saw his face I just burst out laughing. I tried to contain myself but I just couldn't. I actually had to stand up and leave to regain my composure. Jon does not deal well with awkward situations and strangers and his face was the funniest thing I have ever seen. That was definitely the highlight of the day!

Well, that's it for now. I am going to go try to enjoy my last day of freedom. Heck, the beginning of the end just means that there is a new chapter waiting to open up, right? Most people would see this new chapter as the beginning to another school year, but I'm thinking differently. I see the new chapter as 'getting the next 10 weeks of work under my belt so that I can then FINALLY meet our daughter'. :-)

Friday, July 24, 2009


Last night I developed what is by far the most uncomfortable pregnancy symptom to date for me. After Jon and I went out for a nice dinner I came home and realized that the heels of my feet were beginning to hurt (my right foot in particular). I dismissed this as nothing originally but as the night, and now today, have gone on things have only gotten worse. My heels hurt so bad!!! Obviously the pain is best when I'm sitting but it definitely isn't gone. I tried to explain to my husband what it feels like but it's hard to explain. My best explanation is a dull aching but yet sharp and tingly along with throbbing all rolled into one. YUCK!!! This morning I decided that my one dollar sandals from Old Navy that I got are probably not giving my feet the best support so Jon convinced me to go get some new sandals. We went to the mall and I got some new Reefs that feel wonderful, but the pain is still pretty bad.

After doing some reading (in books and online) I have no doubt that the pain is from the flattening of my feet due to my changing body. There is some scientific term for it, but I can't think of it off the top of my head right now. All of the symptoms and what I'm experiencing sound exactly like it. It apparently is very common for pregnant women and sounds like it's something I'll probably have to deal with until Cambria is delivered. I am definitely going to ask the Dr. at my appointment this week though if she has any tips on how to better deal with it. It wouldn't be such a problem if I was still on summer vacation for another month and could sit with my feet up all day. I am a little concerned though about chasing around special education kiddos all day for 8 hours a day all while on my feet. I might have to take another teacher's advice who recently had a baby and get a chair with wheels from the computer lab and roll around all day....oh man, this could get interesting!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

27 Weeks

Dear Cambria,

As of today I am 27 weeks pregnant with you. This week has been pretty uneventful and I'm thankful for that. I have used the past week to do a lot of relaxing, napping and just plain being lazy. I figure that I needed to take advantage of our down time together since I have to go back to work on Monday....BOOO!!!

One thing I have noticed in the past couple days about you is that you love to keep me awake at night. You have made sleeping at night much more difficult. I would say that about every hour I wake up with my hips aching and have to turn to my other side. As soon as I turn over you begin your antics. You kick, roll, punch, etc. and all of your movements are pretty strong now so they keep me wide awake. It's hard to fall back to sleep when your belly is moving all over the place. After about 15 minutes you fall asleep (or maybe you don't...but at least you stop moving so much) and I finally fall back asleep for about 45 minutes until my hips hurt so bad again that I must turn over. Then the vicious cycle repeats itself. So - I have been enjoying daily afternoon naps to catch up on a little bit of the sleep that I'm losing at night. I will surely miss those afternoon naps when I go back to work next week.

Tonight Daddy and I are meeting for dinner by Fair Oaks Mall before we go to the hospital for our Maternity Ward tour. I really am still in awe that in a few short months you and I will be in the hospital together sharing our first glimpse of each other! I often wonder what that moment will be like - the moment that Daddy and I first lay our eyes on you. I can only imagine that I will be crying (tears of joy) and that you will be the most beautiful baby ever! I wonder how much you will weigh, how long you will be and will you look just like your Daddy (I HOPE SO!). I also am curious to see how your Daddy reacts when he sees you for the first time. He trys to act like he's Mr. Tough Guy, but I know the truth! I wouldn't be surprised if he either stood frozen in total shock at the miracle of life or if he even sheds some tears of joy at the sight of his daughter. Just thinking about that moment makes me tear up. We love you so much already!!

As I mentioned above, I have to go back to work on Monday. The other day I spent most of the day wallowing in my self pity about having to go back to work and give up my precious quiet time at home. Although I still don't want to go back, I have decided that it's probably a good thing. It will keep my mind (and body) busy for the next few months until you arrive. As much as I hate to admit it too, I am excited to be around adults again and to meet my new little kiddos that I'll be dealing with this year. Then, after a few months of work I will have a great break at home with you for a few months. Ahhh - how I can't wait for that time!!!

Well, that's about it for this week. One week from today I go back to the Dr. for another checkup. I have high hopes that things will continue to move along smoothly. I have been so blessed to have had such an easy pregnancy thus far and I have no doubt that it will continue right up until you are here with us! While you continue to grow bigger, stronger, healthier and more beautiful with each passing day; we continue to patiently wait for you, Cambria. I love you!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

3 Months And Counting...

As I looked at the calendar this morning to see what (if anything) I have scheduled for the next few days I realized today is July 21st and my jaw almost fell to the floor. Why you ask? Because that means that exactly 3 months from today our beautiful daughter is due to arrive into the world. Oh my gosh!!! I immediately started to panic just thinking about all of the things that I still have to accomplish before she gets here. Then - I calmed myself down and looked at the calendar and suddenly felt a little better just looking at the things we have scheduled over the next few days to help us get ready for Cambria.

Tonight we are going to do a Pediatrician visit. I am excited about this. I have heard good things about this Pediatrician, she is close to our house and she does personalized prenatal visits with the parents after practice hours to show us around and answer any questions. So, tonight at 8:45 we will be doing that.

Tomorrow night we are going for our Maternity Ward Tour at the Hospital. I am excited and nervous for this. Obviously I am excited to see where I will be giving birth and to see where we will spend our first precious moments as a family. On the other hand, I am extremely nervous because I know that when I walk into the hospital, even though it's only for a tour, it will really hit me that I will be going through LABOR (which includes a HUGE amount of pain which I'm typically not good with) in a very short amount of time....YIKES!

Saturday Jon and I will be embarking on the journey of a lifetime. We will be going to an all day childbirth class. I am anticipating this class to be packed full with interesting and helpful information and I am also anticipating myself (and my husband) learning a lot more than we may ever want to know about the labor and birthing process. Hopefully Jon handles it better than my Dad did when my Mom was pregnant with my older sister. My Mom enjoys telling everyone that my Dad started sweating profusely when watching the birth video in the childbirth class and that the instructor had to sit by him and keep asking him if he was okay because she thought he was going to pass out.

Thankfully these three things on my calendar helped to relax my anxiety about my due date being exactly three months away a little bit. I still have a lot to do though....I need to contact Human Resources about my maternity leave, preregister at the hospital, finish getting all of the nursery and baby necessities and get them all set up and most importantly spend LOTS of quality time with Jon since I know that will be limited for a while once baby arrives. I just keep telling myself that my dreams of becoming a mother are about to come true and how blessed I really am. It is still surreal though! Breathe Meghan, Breathe....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Decorating Mania

Today we had a marathon day of decorating. The day started at about 10 AM when Jon finished the painting by completing the second coat of pink paint for Cambria's room. We then went out and did some errands while it dried and when we got home Jon got right to work taking off the tape. When I went upstairs he was beginning to move the furniture back in so we arranged the furniture back the way we want it and then I started in on the bedding. It took a while to figure out what to do with all of the bedding pieces (especially the crib skirt....note to self: it needs to go on BEFORE the bumpers). Jon put the mobile and the baby monitor together and we tested them out. The monitor is great and the mobile is perfect with the crib. Obviously the walls are still bare - we will be working on that next. We have LOTS of good stuff to hang on the walls and Jon and I are contemplating getting letters to spell Cambria's name and painting them ourselves to put up too...we'll see. Enjoy the pictures of our accomplishments for the day! We're thrilled with how things look so far!

Summer Laziness

This morning I had every intention of getting up early and going to the Farmer's Market in Old Town Alexandria. It is one of my guilty pleasures when the weather is nice and after watching the weather report yesterday I knew today would have been the PERFECT morning to go and get some of those super fresh and delicious cookies (yes, I usually only buy cookies at the Farmers Market...weird, I know). Well, let's just say my body had other plans for me. I was SHOCKED when I woke up and looked at the clock and realized it was already 8:45! Not only was I shocked that Jon and I had slept in that long but I was also shocked because Gus slept in that long and he let us sleep in that long! Usually he wakes one of us up at 7 to take him out! What a good boy he was this morning! After I finally got out of bed and woke myself up a bit I remembered about the Market....darn! Oh well, at least I got in some good sleep. There's always hope for next Saturday!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Waddle, Waddle, Quack, Quack...

Okay - it is official, I am definitely waddling. I started to notice two days ago that I seemed to be shifting my weight more from side to side when I walked but I continued to deny that I was waddling like a duck. Yesterday though I came to the realization that I am definitely waddling when I went to Lowe's to get some more paint and couldn't figure out why I was making so much noise when I walked. It literally sounded like I was stomping around the store (attractive, I know!). It was then that I came to the realization that yes indeed I am waddling all the time now and I don't even realize it. I did make Jon promise to tell me when I was waddling and he has not mentioned it (he's probably scared I'll bite his head off - I don't blame him!). I will have to ask him about it tonight! Hey, let's look on the bright side least I'm not quacking too (at least not yet)!

Another side effect of my growing large belly is that the dog will no longer snuggle up to me with his head on my lap like he always does. It probably has something to do with the fact that he can no longer put his head on my stomach to nap like he used to. In fact, the other day he tried to snuggle up with me and he laid his head on my stomach and looked at me with the weirdest face as if to say, "Mom, what in the world is going on here?!" and then he proceeded to stand up, turn around and lay with his rump backed up against me and his head the farthest away from me that he could get while still having some part of his body touching me. Poor baby!!

Happy start to the weekend to all! I am sure I will be updating more this weekend with my crazy pregnancy happenings. I hope to be able to get the furniture arranged back in the baby's room tomorrow after Jon finishes painting and then I can start putting the bedding together and arranging stuff. Stay tuned for those fun updates!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

26 Week Letter

Dear Cambria,

Another week has come and gone and you continue to grow big and strong! This week I realized that you must have found a very cozy spot that you prefer in there because I have noticed that for the past couple weeks you haven't moved from the right side of my stomach. You are always positioned in the same place and I always feel you kick in the same spots on that side. Maybe you will be just like your Momma and be a creature of habit.

This past week we were very busy. The big highlight of the week was traveling to New York and having our first baby shower. We had tons of fun and you got tons of great stuff. Last night I actually put together your bouncy seat and your swing so they are all ready to go for you when you get here! After I put together your swing, Gus sniffed it out real good and then proceeded to lay down on the floor next to it and look at it for about 5 minutes wondering what it is for. I think he is going to be SOO good with you!! As he laid there on the floor I envisioned him laying there on the floor when you're in the swing and him protecting you.

As I was slaving away putting your gadgets together last night, Daddy was slaving away for you upstairs. He painted the first coat of paint in your room. It looks great and we're so anxious to get it all finished so we can start organizing things in there. You really are one lucky little girl!!

The past couple of days the weather has been VERY hot and humid and I'm pretty sure you definitely prefer to stay inside where it's nice and cool when it's that hot. Yesterday we did some errands and I was SOOO hot and exhausted when we got home. I guess we are going to have to find some fun and creative ways to stay cool together this summer. It could be a LONG summer though - hang on for the ride!!!

Well, that's it for this week. Thank you for another great week. I hope that you continue with your daily workouts so that Daddy and I can feel you and know that you're okay in there. It's hard to believe that in a mere 3 months you will be gracing the world with your beautiful prescence. For now though, continue to stay safe and cozy while continuing to grow in there! I love you!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hands On Family Time...

So, as you can see from the pictures my family is very hands on, literally! The highlight of the weekend for them was Saturday night when the baby was moving around and they all got to feel her kicking. I am not joking when I tell you that my sisters had their hands on my belly for a good hour straight at least. Cami first wiggled around for Tori to feel. Tori's reaction was a very surprised look on her face while shouting "WOAH!" As soon as Tori felt her moving Brittany immediately came running over to join in on the fun. Tori and Brittany fought about where their hands were placed so that they could each have the best hands on position to feel her kick. After Tori felt her kick for the second time Brittany had the quote of the weekend. She looked at Tori and said, "Well maybe if you weren't hogging the entire Southeast quadrant I could feel her too". Haha - I love my sisters. So - Tori finally gave up her "quadrant" and Brittany then got the biggest kick of the night. As soon as Cami kicked her (and she kicked her hard) Brittany immediately took her hands off of my belly and started shaking her hands in the air and screamed "AHHHHH" at the top of her lungs as if she had just seen a ghost. It was so funny! My Mom also got to feel her move. Dad doesn't partake in the 'hands on the belly' time. He prefers to keep his hands off of my belly until the Cambria is actually here and he can hold her...he's too cute! What a lucky little girl Cambria is to have family that can't wait to be so hands on with her!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Showered With Love And Gifts

This past weekend we traveled to Rochester, New York for a quick visit with family and friends and for my first baby shower! It was a whirlwind weekend but was wonderful none the less. My Aunt Theresa was kind enough to take on the large task of hosting the shower and it was awesome. There were about 20 people there and Cambria got some great gifts that will help us all TONS when we bring her home. Some of the gifts we got were: a diaper genie, baby portable swing, baby bouncer, boppy, convertible car seat, Cami's crib bedding, baby monitor, diapers, and lots of toys and clothes. My Mom surprised me by doing my cake based on my blog name. She was a little upset when we picked up the cake and it read "Waiting Patiently for Cambria" instead of "Patiently Waiting for Cambria" but I loved it and was definitely surprised! I am posting some photos from the shower for your enjoyment - what a great time we had!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


I have officially given up something that I love so much - my sneakers! This morning I tried very hard to put them on but couldn't find a way that was comfortable to get around my growing stomach in order to successfully tie them. So, at 25 weeks pregnant I am announcing that there will be no more tying of shoes for me. I guess if I miss them that much I could revert to asking Jon to tie them for me. The question is - do I want to feel like I'm 4 again and have to ask for help to tie my own shoes?? For now I think I will just say goodbye to them. Sneakers, I will miss you!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

25 Week Letter

Dear Cambria,

Today I am 25 weeks pregnant with you. I couldn't believe it this morning when I woke up and realized that another week has gone by and that it was time to write another letter to you. This past week we have been SO busy!

We started out our week by going to Stuarts Draft for 3 days to visit with your family there for the 4th of July. I got to meet and hold your new little cousin, Guinevere. What a doll she is. I know that Guinevere and you will have lots of fun memories together since you will grow up so close in age! We went to the lake (although it was too chilly for me to get in, so we just sat in the grass watching the boys and Nicole). We also went out to dinner, to the farmers market, to the Frontier Culture Museum and most importantly of all - we had a great 4th of July cookout and watched fireworks that your Daddy set off for everyone.

Daddy, you and I came home on Sunday. We left Gus down at Grammie and Grampie's because this coming weekend we are traveling again! This time we will be heading to New York for you to visit with all of your family there. Mommy is also having her first baby shower and I couldn't be more excited about it! We are going to have so much fun!

Monday we met up with Daddy and had lunch at Red Robin...YUM! After that we went to Fair Oaks Mall to do some errands. Monday night you gave Daddy and I quite a scare. I was getting some sharp back pains that wrapped around to my stomach. They stopped me in my tracks and I even had to sit down at Kohl's while Daddy shopped because my back hurt so bad. I was a little nervous that they were contractions. You continued to give me sharp back pains all night and I only got about 4 hours of sleep because of it. I called the Doctor first thing yesterday morning and they said to just rest yesterday and drink lots of water. The Doctor didn't think they were contractions - he seemed to think that you were either on a nerve or causing my muscles and ligaments to stretch. I told Daddy I am fine with that - I think you're having a growth spurt lately! So yesterday you and I just hung out at home ALL day and it was GREAT! We laid on the couch for most of the day and watched TV and you were kicking up a storm all day long. I love that!

Yesterday was also special because your baby furniture was delivered. Daddy was so excited about it when he got home that he put it all together last night! It looks wonderful and now we can't wait to paint and get all of the rest of your room ready for your arrival. I hope you love it!!!

That's about it for this past week. We have another busy week coming up. I hope that you are comfy and cozy in there and that you continue to grow stronger and more beautiful with each passing day! As each day goes by your Daddy and I get a little more nervous about becoming parents and a lot more excited to have you here with us and to meet you. We can't wait for October and to start the next chapter in our lives with you! I love you!!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Daddy's Little Girl...

As soon as Jon got home tonight and saw the furniture in Cambria's room he instantly switched into Daddy mode. I thought he would want to wait to put the furniture together and arrange it in the room until we painted, but NOOOOO! He wanted to do it tonight! As he began assembling and I thanked him for doing this tonight he looked at me, smiled and said, "Anything for my baby, and I don't mean you anymore. Now I'm talking about my REAL baby." Apparently Cambria has captured his heart already and I find it ADORABLE. It's amazing the influence that a one pound human growing inside of me can have on her Daddy. Anyways - I am NOT complaining since I wanted the furniture put together as soon as the delivery men left today. So - in about an hour and a half the crib was all assembled and we had arranged the furniture the way we think we'll keep it for when Cami arrives. Enjoy the pictures!! The chair in the room isn't the one that is staying, we just left it in there for right now to see where we want our glider to go when we get it.

We Have Furniture!

This morning Cami's furniture arrived and I was very happy that I didn't have to bring it up the stairs! We are now well on our way to making Cambria's room the most perfect little girl room ever! As you can see from the pictures, the dresser and changing table are all ready to go. The crib is in that box. That will be Jon's first of many Daddy projects that he will do for Cambria over the years! I can't wait to get the room painted and get the furniture all situated! The crib mattress should be arriving either tomorrow or Thursday too...HOW EXCITING! It's all starting to really feel real now. Our Princess is on her way!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

24 Week Letter

Dear Cambria,

Today I am 24 weeks pregnant with you. Apparently you have hit a HUGE milestone today. From everything that I have read (and I read a lot about your development) today is your viability day. This means that from this point on, if you were to be born, you would have a decent chance at surviving on your own outside of my body. I hope and pray every night though that you wait at least another 12 weeks to join us! We went to the Doctor yesterday and had a checkup and according to the Doctor everything looks great, so I have high hopes that you are in there for the long haul! :-)

This past week we have done a lot of relaxing and it has been wonderful. I love waking up in the morning with no agenda for the day and sitting on the couch watching The Today show with you while you do your morning kicks/flips inside of me. I love the closeness of just being able to lay here with you and hold my belly and feel you. You truly are my love!

We got a call the other day that your bedroom furniture is in! We were a little shocked as we weren't expecting it to arrive before August. It will be delivered next Tuesday, July 7th, and I will be waiting anxiously to accept the delivery and really get your bedroom under way! Daddy and I went to Lowe's the other day too and got 2 gallons of paint so we can make your room into the perfect little girl's room that you deserve. We decided on the color "Art Deco Pink" and I think it will be PERFECT with your furniture and your bedding.

This weekend is the 4th of July (your first one ever!!). Tomorrow we are all packing up (including Gus) and heading down to Stuarts Draft to spend the weekend with your family there. I am really looking forward to meeting my new niece (and your new cousin), baby Guinevere. I think this will be the last time I will hold a REAL newborn before I hold you....I can't wait!! I am sure we will have lots of fun and hopefully we will get some enjoy some fireworks together on Saturday night! We might also get to go to Sherando Lake which would be fun. It would be your first time experiencing the water (and Mommy's first time wearing my new swimsuit that I bought for both of us to grow into this summer).

Cambria, thank you for another great week. I continue to look forward to a lifetime of great weeks ahead! Stay safe in there and continue to grow strong, healthy and beautiful! I love you!