Thursday, July 16, 2009

26 Week Letter

Dear Cambria,

Another week has come and gone and you continue to grow big and strong! This week I realized that you must have found a very cozy spot that you prefer in there because I have noticed that for the past couple weeks you haven't moved from the right side of my stomach. You are always positioned in the same place and I always feel you kick in the same spots on that side. Maybe you will be just like your Momma and be a creature of habit.

This past week we were very busy. The big highlight of the week was traveling to New York and having our first baby shower. We had tons of fun and you got tons of great stuff. Last night I actually put together your bouncy seat and your swing so they are all ready to go for you when you get here! After I put together your swing, Gus sniffed it out real good and then proceeded to lay down on the floor next to it and look at it for about 5 minutes wondering what it is for. I think he is going to be SOO good with you!! As he laid there on the floor I envisioned him laying there on the floor when you're in the swing and him protecting you.

As I was slaving away putting your gadgets together last night, Daddy was slaving away for you upstairs. He painted the first coat of paint in your room. It looks great and we're so anxious to get it all finished so we can start organizing things in there. You really are one lucky little girl!!

The past couple of days the weather has been VERY hot and humid and I'm pretty sure you definitely prefer to stay inside where it's nice and cool when it's that hot. Yesterday we did some errands and I was SOOO hot and exhausted when we got home. I guess we are going to have to find some fun and creative ways to stay cool together this summer. It could be a LONG summer though - hang on for the ride!!!

Well, that's it for this week. Thank you for another great week. I hope that you continue with your daily workouts so that Daddy and I can feel you and know that you're okay in there. It's hard to believe that in a mere 3 months you will be gracing the world with your beautiful prescence. For now though, continue to stay safe and cozy while continuing to grow in there! I love you!


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