Wednesday, July 8, 2009

25 Week Letter

Dear Cambria,

Today I am 25 weeks pregnant with you. I couldn't believe it this morning when I woke up and realized that another week has gone by and that it was time to write another letter to you. This past week we have been SO busy!

We started out our week by going to Stuarts Draft for 3 days to visit with your family there for the 4th of July. I got to meet and hold your new little cousin, Guinevere. What a doll she is. I know that Guinevere and you will have lots of fun memories together since you will grow up so close in age! We went to the lake (although it was too chilly for me to get in, so we just sat in the grass watching the boys and Nicole). We also went out to dinner, to the farmers market, to the Frontier Culture Museum and most importantly of all - we had a great 4th of July cookout and watched fireworks that your Daddy set off for everyone.

Daddy, you and I came home on Sunday. We left Gus down at Grammie and Grampie's because this coming weekend we are traveling again! This time we will be heading to New York for you to visit with all of your family there. Mommy is also having her first baby shower and I couldn't be more excited about it! We are going to have so much fun!

Monday we met up with Daddy and had lunch at Red Robin...YUM! After that we went to Fair Oaks Mall to do some errands. Monday night you gave Daddy and I quite a scare. I was getting some sharp back pains that wrapped around to my stomach. They stopped me in my tracks and I even had to sit down at Kohl's while Daddy shopped because my back hurt so bad. I was a little nervous that they were contractions. You continued to give me sharp back pains all night and I only got about 4 hours of sleep because of it. I called the Doctor first thing yesterday morning and they said to just rest yesterday and drink lots of water. The Doctor didn't think they were contractions - he seemed to think that you were either on a nerve or causing my muscles and ligaments to stretch. I told Daddy I am fine with that - I think you're having a growth spurt lately! So yesterday you and I just hung out at home ALL day and it was GREAT! We laid on the couch for most of the day and watched TV and you were kicking up a storm all day long. I love that!

Yesterday was also special because your baby furniture was delivered. Daddy was so excited about it when he got home that he put it all together last night! It looks wonderful and now we can't wait to paint and get all of the rest of your room ready for your arrival. I hope you love it!!!

That's about it for this past week. We have another busy week coming up. I hope that you are comfy and cozy in there and that you continue to grow stronger and more beautiful with each passing day! As each day goes by your Daddy and I get a little more nervous about becoming parents and a lot more excited to have you here with us and to meet you. We can't wait for October and to start the next chapter in our lives with you! I love you!!


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