Wednesday, July 22, 2009

27 Weeks

Dear Cambria,

As of today I am 27 weeks pregnant with you. This week has been pretty uneventful and I'm thankful for that. I have used the past week to do a lot of relaxing, napping and just plain being lazy. I figure that I needed to take advantage of our down time together since I have to go back to work on Monday....BOOO!!!

One thing I have noticed in the past couple days about you is that you love to keep me awake at night. You have made sleeping at night much more difficult. I would say that about every hour I wake up with my hips aching and have to turn to my other side. As soon as I turn over you begin your antics. You kick, roll, punch, etc. and all of your movements are pretty strong now so they keep me wide awake. It's hard to fall back to sleep when your belly is moving all over the place. After about 15 minutes you fall asleep (or maybe you don't...but at least you stop moving so much) and I finally fall back asleep for about 45 minutes until my hips hurt so bad again that I must turn over. Then the vicious cycle repeats itself. So - I have been enjoying daily afternoon naps to catch up on a little bit of the sleep that I'm losing at night. I will surely miss those afternoon naps when I go back to work next week.

Tonight Daddy and I are meeting for dinner by Fair Oaks Mall before we go to the hospital for our Maternity Ward tour. I really am still in awe that in a few short months you and I will be in the hospital together sharing our first glimpse of each other! I often wonder what that moment will be like - the moment that Daddy and I first lay our eyes on you. I can only imagine that I will be crying (tears of joy) and that you will be the most beautiful baby ever! I wonder how much you will weigh, how long you will be and will you look just like your Daddy (I HOPE SO!). I also am curious to see how your Daddy reacts when he sees you for the first time. He trys to act like he's Mr. Tough Guy, but I know the truth! I wouldn't be surprised if he either stood frozen in total shock at the miracle of life or if he even sheds some tears of joy at the sight of his daughter. Just thinking about that moment makes me tear up. We love you so much already!!

As I mentioned above, I have to go back to work on Monday. The other day I spent most of the day wallowing in my self pity about having to go back to work and give up my precious quiet time at home. Although I still don't want to go back, I have decided that it's probably a good thing. It will keep my mind (and body) busy for the next few months until you arrive. As much as I hate to admit it too, I am excited to be around adults again and to meet my new little kiddos that I'll be dealing with this year. Then, after a few months of work I will have a great break at home with you for a few months. Ahhh - how I can't wait for that time!!!

Well, that's about it for this week. One week from today I go back to the Dr. for another checkup. I have high hopes that things will continue to move along smoothly. I have been so blessed to have had such an easy pregnancy thus far and I have no doubt that it will continue right up until you are here with us! While you continue to grow bigger, stronger, healthier and more beautiful with each passing day; we continue to patiently wait for you, Cambria. I love you!


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