Wednesday, July 1, 2009

24 Week Letter

Dear Cambria,

Today I am 24 weeks pregnant with you. Apparently you have hit a HUGE milestone today. From everything that I have read (and I read a lot about your development) today is your viability day. This means that from this point on, if you were to be born, you would have a decent chance at surviving on your own outside of my body. I hope and pray every night though that you wait at least another 12 weeks to join us! We went to the Doctor yesterday and had a checkup and according to the Doctor everything looks great, so I have high hopes that you are in there for the long haul! :-)

This past week we have done a lot of relaxing and it has been wonderful. I love waking up in the morning with no agenda for the day and sitting on the couch watching The Today show with you while you do your morning kicks/flips inside of me. I love the closeness of just being able to lay here with you and hold my belly and feel you. You truly are my love!

We got a call the other day that your bedroom furniture is in! We were a little shocked as we weren't expecting it to arrive before August. It will be delivered next Tuesday, July 7th, and I will be waiting anxiously to accept the delivery and really get your bedroom under way! Daddy and I went to Lowe's the other day too and got 2 gallons of paint so we can make your room into the perfect little girl's room that you deserve. We decided on the color "Art Deco Pink" and I think it will be PERFECT with your furniture and your bedding.

This weekend is the 4th of July (your first one ever!!). Tomorrow we are all packing up (including Gus) and heading down to Stuarts Draft to spend the weekend with your family there. I am really looking forward to meeting my new niece (and your new cousin), baby Guinevere. I think this will be the last time I will hold a REAL newborn before I hold you....I can't wait!! I am sure we will have lots of fun and hopefully we will get some enjoy some fireworks together on Saturday night! We might also get to go to Sherando Lake which would be fun. It would be your first time experiencing the water (and Mommy's first time wearing my new swimsuit that I bought for both of us to grow into this summer).

Cambria, thank you for another great week. I continue to look forward to a lifetime of great weeks ahead! Stay safe in there and continue to grow strong, healthy and beautiful! I love you!


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