Tuesday, June 30, 2009

24 Week Doctor Appointment

Today was my 24 week Doctor Appointment. Wow - time flies! Jon couldn't go with me today, so my Mom was VERY excited and willing to join me to hear her first grandchild's heartbeat!

Everything went great! My blood pressure checked out fine (even a little low still) and the scale wasn't as bad as I expected. I always dread stepping on that scale (even though I know the weight gain is for an excellent cause). The nurses' are always so good about easing my concerns and every time I whine about the dial moving forward I am comforted with a sweet nurse who says, "your weight gain is right on track and all the weight will be well worth it in the end when you hold that baby"....They are SO right!

We heard Cami's heartbeat right away. She was running from the Dr., but eventually he tracked her down to hear it nice and strong. It even sounded different than it previously had...it used to sound like a 'whooshing' sound and today it was definitely more of a 'thumping' sound. The Dr. said that as the baby gets bigger it gets easier to get a real good listen at the chambers of the heart, which is what we heard today...so wonderful! The heartbeat was in the 150's and my Mom teared up listening to it!

The funniest thing about the appointment was when the Dr. (I LOVE MY DOCTOR!!!) asked me if we had picked out a name for our daughter yet. When I told him that her name will be Cambria, he informed me that 'Cambria' is the name of his favorite Chardonnay. How ironic - I didn't even know there was a wine named 'Cambria'....how suiting since I love a nice glass of white wine and have been missing it terribly lately. He also informed me that he has never delivered a baby named Cambria, so this could be the first! I hope and pray he is on call when I have this baby!!

That's it for now - things are great and I couldn't be happier with how things are rolling along. I will update again soon!

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