Wednesday, June 17, 2009

22 Weeks Pregnant....

I have decided to give 'blogging' a try and see if I can keep this thing updated to inform friends and family of what's happening in my world of pregnancy, and before we know it, our world with Cambria. Let me know if you are reading this so I can know who's reading and who (if anyone) really cares and wants to read what I write.

As of today I am 22 weeks pregnant. Time has been flying by and before we know it, our daughter will be here. I can not even wait to see Cambria, hold her and give her lots of kisses. Luckily for me, today begins my summer break from teaching so I have the next 5 weeks off. I plan to use this time to prepare Cami's room and get a lot of things checked off of my 'Baby: To Do" List. All of the "little" things like pre-registering at hospital, taking hospital tour, registering for and taking childbirth classes, painting baby's room, calling insurance, looking for a pediatrician, etc. all have to get done at some time so I guess the next 5 weeks is better a time than any. I hope to have things pretty well under control when I go back to work at the end of July.

I am feeling pretty good lately, so no complaints there. The past couple of days I have had some heartburn throughout the day but nothing too serious. My latest craving has been mint chocolate chip ice cream (amongst other things...). I feel a lot of stretching and pulling in my stomach (especially in the mornings) but that just reassures me that little Cami is growing away and getting bigger by the day. Also, in the last couple of days I have been feeling A LOT more movement. The kicks/flips are getting stronger and at certain times you can DEFINITELY feel them from the outside of my stomach too. Now I am just waiting for the moment when Jon's sitting here with me when the strong movement is happening so I can grab his hand and have him feel his daughter moving for the first time too...I think it will make things even more real for him. Oh, the fun of pregnancy! I'll update more later....I really am going to try hard to stick with updating this!!


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  2. Oh Meggie...Your blog made me cry...oh my...are you surprised?? hahaha.. :-) I am soooo incredibly happy for you and Jon and I'm amazed every day at how blessed and happy you are to be pregnant with your little baby and waiting for your daughter. It's exciting and a miracle!! Cami is indeed BLESSED!! I remember like it was yesterday, when you were "practicing" being a Mommy with all your baby dolls...Olgum...etc. :-) You and Tori and Britany played with those babies night and to them...changed them...fed them..kissed them and loved them. You had great practice and Cami surely feels your love right now, every day in every way!!I am so incredibly proud of you and Jon for preparing to bring your little Cami into the world. There is NO more important job in the world than being a GREAT Mommy and Daddy. I'll always be there to support you and I love you both and KNOW that I will be there for Cami... whenever she needs me!! :-) I love you and Jon and Cami even more than you can know and you will never know the intensity of love for a Grandbaby till you have one "some day"'s the bestest blessing in the world to see your precious baby have a new baby to love and cherish too.
    SO..I'm with you....waiting patiently for Cami too...with all the love in my heart..
    Hugs and love....MOM/Gma xoxox