Tuesday, July 21, 2009

3 Months And Counting...

As I looked at the calendar this morning to see what (if anything) I have scheduled for the next few days I realized today is July 21st and my jaw almost fell to the floor. Why you ask? Because that means that exactly 3 months from today our beautiful daughter is due to arrive into the world. Oh my gosh!!! I immediately started to panic just thinking about all of the things that I still have to accomplish before she gets here. Then - I calmed myself down and looked at the calendar and suddenly felt a little better just looking at the things we have scheduled over the next few days to help us get ready for Cambria.

Tonight we are going to do a Pediatrician visit. I am excited about this. I have heard good things about this Pediatrician, she is close to our house and she does personalized prenatal visits with the parents after practice hours to show us around and answer any questions. So, tonight at 8:45 we will be doing that.

Tomorrow night we are going for our Maternity Ward Tour at the Hospital. I am excited and nervous for this. Obviously I am excited to see where I will be giving birth and to see where we will spend our first precious moments as a family. On the other hand, I am extremely nervous because I know that when I walk into the hospital, even though it's only for a tour, it will really hit me that I will be going through LABOR (which includes a HUGE amount of pain which I'm typically not good with) in a very short amount of time....YIKES!

Saturday Jon and I will be embarking on the journey of a lifetime. We will be going to an all day childbirth class. I am anticipating this class to be packed full with interesting and helpful information and I am also anticipating myself (and my husband) learning a lot more than we may ever want to know about the labor and birthing process. Hopefully Jon handles it better than my Dad did when my Mom was pregnant with my older sister. My Mom enjoys telling everyone that my Dad started sweating profusely when watching the birth video in the childbirth class and that the instructor had to sit by him and keep asking him if he was okay because she thought he was going to pass out.

Thankfully these three things on my calendar helped to relax my anxiety about my due date being exactly three months away a little bit. I still have a lot to do though....I need to contact Human Resources about my maternity leave, preregister at the hospital, finish getting all of the nursery and baby necessities and get them all set up and most importantly spend LOTS of quality time with Jon since I know that will be limited for a while once baby arrives. I just keep telling myself that my dreams of becoming a mother are about to come true and how blessed I really am. It is still surreal though! Breathe Meghan, Breathe....

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