Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Beginning of the End...

Today is the beginning of the end to my 5 week summer vacation and I'm feeling a little sad. I woke up early to try and seize the day and squeeze every last ounce out of it that I could. Instead, I just find myself sitting on the couch cuddling with Gus while Jon plays video games and dreading being at work tomorrow morning at this time. The one good thing that has come out of today so far is the chocolate chip pancakes that Jon made me for breakfast...YUMMMM!

On the bright side, Cambria is kicking up a storm this morning and I have a Dr. appointment on Wednesday to hear her beautiful heartbeat and get an update on how she's doing. I always love going to my Dr. appointments. Usually after I have an appointment I walk around with a permanent smile on my face for the next 24 hours or so just thinking of her strong heartbeat and her wiggling around. There's just something reassuring about hearing her heartbeat even though I feel her moving ALL the time now.

Yesterday we went to our childbirth class. Oh man, what an experience that was. It was NOTHING like what I expected it to be! I thought we would be up moving around and practicing a lot (after all, they did have us bring pillows and blankets). Instead, we sat in some VERY uncomfortable chairs for 5 hours while some elderly woman preached to us all about pregnancy. I did learn some new things, but for the most part it just made me more anxious about the whole process. At one point the instructor was demonstrating the 'haa, hee' breathing technique and she was slowly walking around the room practicing. It became awkward because the entire room fell quiet and she was making these 'haa, hee' noises. She stopped RIGHT next to Jon's chair and was basically breathing very loudly and heavily in his ear and when I glanced at him and saw his face I just burst out laughing. I tried to contain myself but I just couldn't. I actually had to stand up and leave to regain my composure. Jon does not deal well with awkward situations and strangers and his face was the funniest thing I have ever seen. That was definitely the highlight of the day!

Well, that's it for now. I am going to go try to enjoy my last day of freedom. Heck, the beginning of the end just means that there is a new chapter waiting to open up, right? Most people would see this new chapter as the beginning to another school year, but I'm thinking differently. I see the new chapter as 'getting the next 10 weeks of work under my belt so that I can then FINALLY meet our daughter'. :-)

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