Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hands On Family Time...

So, as you can see from the pictures my family is very hands on, literally! The highlight of the weekend for them was Saturday night when the baby was moving around and they all got to feel her kicking. I am not joking when I tell you that my sisters had their hands on my belly for a good hour straight at least. Cami first wiggled around for Tori to feel. Tori's reaction was a very surprised look on her face while shouting "WOAH!" As soon as Tori felt her moving Brittany immediately came running over to join in on the fun. Tori and Brittany fought about where their hands were placed so that they could each have the best hands on position to feel her kick. After Tori felt her kick for the second time Brittany had the quote of the weekend. She looked at Tori and said, "Well maybe if you weren't hogging the entire Southeast quadrant I could feel her too". Haha - I love my sisters. So - Tori finally gave up her "quadrant" and Brittany then got the biggest kick of the night. As soon as Cami kicked her (and she kicked her hard) Brittany immediately took her hands off of my belly and started shaking her hands in the air and screamed "AHHHHH" at the top of her lungs as if she had just seen a ghost. It was so funny! My Mom also got to feel her move. Dad doesn't partake in the 'hands on the belly' time. He prefers to keep his hands off of my belly until the Cambria is actually here and he can hold her...he's too cute! What a lucky little girl Cambria is to have family that can't wait to be so hands on with her!


  1. Love that you have family all over your belly and not strangers like me! She is going to be one lucky girl!

  2. I sure LOVE being a HANDS ON Gma and will always be there for you all with my helping hands. Love you zillions, Cami!! xoxo Gma