Friday, July 24, 2009


Last night I developed what is by far the most uncomfortable pregnancy symptom to date for me. After Jon and I went out for a nice dinner I came home and realized that the heels of my feet were beginning to hurt (my right foot in particular). I dismissed this as nothing originally but as the night, and now today, have gone on things have only gotten worse. My heels hurt so bad!!! Obviously the pain is best when I'm sitting but it definitely isn't gone. I tried to explain to my husband what it feels like but it's hard to explain. My best explanation is a dull aching but yet sharp and tingly along with throbbing all rolled into one. YUCK!!! This morning I decided that my one dollar sandals from Old Navy that I got are probably not giving my feet the best support so Jon convinced me to go get some new sandals. We went to the mall and I got some new Reefs that feel wonderful, but the pain is still pretty bad.

After doing some reading (in books and online) I have no doubt that the pain is from the flattening of my feet due to my changing body. There is some scientific term for it, but I can't think of it off the top of my head right now. All of the symptoms and what I'm experiencing sound exactly like it. It apparently is very common for pregnant women and sounds like it's something I'll probably have to deal with until Cambria is delivered. I am definitely going to ask the Dr. at my appointment this week though if she has any tips on how to better deal with it. It wouldn't be such a problem if I was still on summer vacation for another month and could sit with my feet up all day. I am a little concerned though about chasing around special education kiddos all day for 8 hours a day all while on my feet. I might have to take another teacher's advice who recently had a baby and get a chair with wheels from the computer lab and roll around all day....oh man, this could get interesting!!!

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