Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Glucose Fun!

This is a picture of the wonderful fruit punch cocktail that I get to enjoy tomorrow afternoon at about 2:00. How exciting!

Yes folks, it is time about that time for my 28 week glucose screening test. I have heard mixed opinions from other pregnant women who have taken this test. I would say about 50% of people I have talked to said it really isn't so bad and the other 50% had some type of horror story about throwing up, gagging, etc. when having to drink the sugary beverage. I guess only time will tell how I react to it. I plan to take my Dr.'s advice and have LOTS of water ready to drink when I finish the 'fruit punch'. I will admit, just to prove how nice my Dr. really is, that I did get to choose between fruit punch flavor and orange flavor. Lately I have been into fruit punch more and really sugary fruit punch sounded way better to me than excessively sugary orange juice.

I will report back tomorrow with the low down on how everything went. My fingers are crossed that the drink isn't as bad as I fear that it might be, that the blood work comes out fine saying that I don't have gestational diabetes and that I get a great report from the Doctor (to include hearing Cambria's heartbeat).

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