Friday, July 17, 2009

Waddle, Waddle, Quack, Quack...

Okay - it is official, I am definitely waddling. I started to notice two days ago that I seemed to be shifting my weight more from side to side when I walked but I continued to deny that I was waddling like a duck. Yesterday though I came to the realization that I am definitely waddling when I went to Lowe's to get some more paint and couldn't figure out why I was making so much noise when I walked. It literally sounded like I was stomping around the store (attractive, I know!). It was then that I came to the realization that yes indeed I am waddling all the time now and I don't even realize it. I did make Jon promise to tell me when I was waddling and he has not mentioned it (he's probably scared I'll bite his head off - I don't blame him!). I will have to ask him about it tonight! Hey, let's look on the bright side least I'm not quacking too (at least not yet)!

Another side effect of my growing large belly is that the dog will no longer snuggle up to me with his head on my lap like he always does. It probably has something to do with the fact that he can no longer put his head on my stomach to nap like he used to. In fact, the other day he tried to snuggle up with me and he laid his head on my stomach and looked at me with the weirdest face as if to say, "Mom, what in the world is going on here?!" and then he proceeded to stand up, turn around and lay with his rump backed up against me and his head the farthest away from me that he could get while still having some part of his body touching me. Poor baby!!

Happy start to the weekend to all! I am sure I will be updating more this weekend with my crazy pregnancy happenings. I hope to be able to get the furniture arranged back in the baby's room tomorrow after Jon finishes painting and then I can start putting the bedding together and arranging stuff. Stay tuned for those fun updates!

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