Sunday, September 6, 2009

33 Weeks

Dear Cambria,

I know, I know, I have been slacking on posting this past week and I apologize for it. Officially I am 33 weeks pregnant with you now (although I'm closer to 34 because my letter is late this week). We have had a jam packed week and a half since my last letter!! Mommy has been very busy at work and you continue to keep me busy as well with all the new ailments and symptoms you are causing me lately too!

We started out last week with a little bit of a scare. I had just not been feeling very well since about Sunday night. I was tired, my stomach was hurting and I just felt like something was wrong. After barely sleeping at all on Sunday or Monday night I decided (with some coaxing from your Daddy) to call the Doctor on Tuesday morning. After describing my symptoms to them over the phone, they decided they wanted me in right away that day to make sure you weren't trying to make an early escape! When we got to the Dr. we were very thankful to find out that although I was having contractions, they weren't because I was in labor. Apparently you sitting on my bladder constantly gave me an infection and the infection was causing some contractions. The Dr. reassured me that you were safe and sound in there with no signs of any early escape on your part. I happily took the prescription for the antibiotics to begin feeling better and left with peace of mind that you were (and still are) comfortable, safe, sound and perfectly growing. I am now on my 5th day of the antibiotics and am feeling MUCH better (no more contractions, so that's always good).

I will say that another lovely symptom you have been giving to me (your Mommy) lately is a severe case of cankles. I came home from work on Friday night and as soon as I pulled up my jeans to look at my ankles I gasped out loud. Your Daddy came quickly over to see what was going on and when he too saw my feet, ankles and calves he said, "Wow - you have NO ankles anymore". The weird thing is that my right leg is ALWAYS swollen way worse than my left leg too. I am not sure the reason for this, and I will ask the Dr. when I go next, but for now I'm chalking it up to the fact that you're always hanging out in the right side of my belly so you're probably pushing on something on that side that's causing my right foot, ankle and calf to swell that much more. My feet/ankles look the best in the morning and by about noon they have just gone severely downhill. I just pray that this is just a normal part of pregnancy and that when I go to the Dr. next they don't tell me they want me home on bed rest until you're born. I REALLY don't want that, so please cooperate little girl!!!

This weekend is Labor Day weekend so Daddy and I have been lucky enough to have a nice 3 day weekend to stay home and relax. I took a nap yesterday afternoon for over 2 hours and I'm pretty sure I will take a nap this afternoon and possibly tomorrow afternoon too. Weekends are so wonderful because I get to catch up on just relaxing and making sure that you and I are both happy, healthy and rested. Daddy is so understanding too when Mommy needs to rest (whether it be for a nap or going to bed at 8:30) because he wants his girls healthy and safe. God love him!!

As much as I have loved being pregnant with you Cambria, I think I am about ready to meet you. A lot of people have been asking me lately if I'm nervous about labor and delivery and my immediate answer is "Oddly, No!" I think I am just so ready to meet you and have you here with us that I don't even care about the multiple hours (and probably days based on my Mom's experiences) of pain and labor that I will first have to go through. I might change my mind while I'm experiencing this pain, but for now it doesn't make me nervous or anxious at all. I guess I just have my eye on the prize - a beautiful and healthy baby girl! We can't wait to meet you - until then, stay safe and cozy (oh, and please stop poking me in the ribs so I can breathe). I love you!!


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