Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Strollin' and Stylin'

I can't believe that I have forgotten to make a post about our latest purchase for Cambria. Here is her brand new stroller and car seat. My personal favorite picture is the last one I posted - it's the Mommy Cam View of what I see while I'm pushing the stroller. (**Notice the cool car seat strap covers too - they're made by my awesome sister-in-law and they go PERFECTLY with her pink/white headrest**)

Jon and I are thrilled with our choice and we know Cami will be the most stylin' baby on the block (or in the mall, park or wherever else we take her). The nice thing is that we didn't have to pay one dime out of our own pockets for this lovely stroller/car seat combo. We had so much money with gift cards and gift returns (due to duplicate gifts) that we had more than enough money to get this without breaking our bank account even further than we already have. I LOVE free baby purchases!

Needless to say, although Cami hasn't made her debut yet, and hopefully she won't for at least another month, her stroller has already gone on numerous 'strolls'. We haven't taken it outside in the neighborhood for fear that our neighbors will think we're lunatics for walking an empty stroller, but we have taken many 'strolls' around our living room and kitchen. Each time one of us is 'strolling' around the house the other typically has a big grin on their face with a cute little remark such as 'it's very fitting on you' or 'you're a natural'. I guess you can say we're just a little bit excited to become parents.

Cami has NO idea how stylin' she'll be with all of her cool gadgets when she arrives. What a lucky little girl! Next on our 'to do' list: Have the base to the car seat installed in our car and then we'll REALLY be ready for her arrival! I can't wait!!!

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