Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nursery Decor

I know that I have not been so great at keeping up with posting as regularly on my blog as I once did. Part of it is due to my long list of things 'to do' before Cami arrives that is taking up all of my free time, part of it is due to being insanely busy at work and part of it is just due to being pure lazy when I do have any free time.

With that being said, we are still patiently awaiting Cambria and each day we wait a little less patiently. Recently we have finished Cambria's nursery and so I want to share some pictures with you of some new 'decor' additions to the room. We are thrilled with how it looks!!

Cami - you can be proud to know that you have the ONLY bedroom in the house with curtains. Obviously we know who rules this roost already!

Here is our new glider. I am thrilled with how it looks and fits and I can't wait to get my little girl here so we can glide together many a nights in this chair!

Although it is hard to see - the sign above the closet says "Thank Heaven For Little Girls". Jon picked this sign out and it goes PERFECTLY!! The picture in the frame to the left is a print of a little girl taking a bubble bath and there is a boxer dog in the tub with her. This is just perfect too because obviously we are having a little girl and as you all know, Gus (our dog) is a boxer and was our first baby.

Lastly - here is Gus snoozing up a storm. He has been doing an awful lot of really cozy sleeping lately. I am convinced he is resting up for the many sleepless nights he will be up pacing with me once the baby is born. I KNOW he will be super protective of Cami once she is here - he's resting up for his big brother duties that will take over in a few short weeks, and who could blame him?!? Rest up buddy - your world is about to be ROCKED!!!

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