Thursday, July 15, 2010

9 Months!

Dear Cambria,

Wow - today you are 9 months old!! I still can not believe that you are getting so big and becoming so independent. You continue to light up our lives and make us giggle and smile at everything you do!

This month your biggest change has been the amount of independence you want. It is very rare that we can hold and snuggle with you anymore because you are constantly squirming and trying to get down to the floor so that you can stand, roll and explore everything!

That brings me to my next subject: your rolling! You are NOT crawling, although you are showing lots of interest and getting very frustrated that you can't quite figure it out. You instead roll EVERYWHERE. You are a master roller and everyone that sees you roll clear across the room in a matter of seconds cant believe how quickly, smoothly and effectively your technique is. Although I would love to see you crawl soon, the rolling is quite cute and you seem to enjoy it so I won't rush you!

Another thing you really love to do lately is stand. You get so much joy from standing and holding onto the furniture. You LOVE to stand at the coffee table in the living room and reach for things you shouldn't play with such as drink coasters, the TV remote control, etc. The cutest thing about your standing is when I leave you all by yourself standing and walk across the room and your eyes finally catch mine and you realize I am not behind you supporting you. It's almost like this moment of realization that comes across your face that you are standing totally independently and this huge smile comes across your face and you start banging on whatever you are holding on to.

Also this month you have really started taking off on eating table foods. You now eat little meals and it makes me so happy because I feel like I have a little girl and not a baby. Last night you ate half of a grilled cheese and some cut up strawberries for dinner. You do a little happy dance too in your highchair when you are eating something that you like. It's adorable! Although you are eating more and more table foods you still really enjoy your formula though. You still gobble down 4 bottles a day with 8-9 ounces in each bottle. What a little piggy you are!!

I am sure there are a ton more things that have happened this month that I should write about, but your independence was the biggest thing. Every day I become more and more proud to be your mother. I wake up in the mornings wondering what kind of new things you will do and there's truly no better feeling than the huge smile I am greeted with every morning when I get you from your crib. You continue to blossom into the most beautiful little girl I could ever imagine and Daddy and I couldn't be happier to be your parents.

We love you!!

Mommy and Daddy

P.S. - One thing I forgot to write about is your new trick of waving. You now LOVE to wave to people, especially when someone isn't giving you attention and you want some attention you just start waving. It's so cute and it definitely works to get you the attention you crave! Yesterday at your Cardiologist appointment you even greeted the Dr. as he entered the room with a huge smile and a big wave. His response was, "Well, I would venture to say this is one happy baby".


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