Monday, November 29, 2010

Mystery Solved!

So after a scary evening, the night of November 18th, Cami landed herself back in Fairfax Hospital. This time, she ended up being admitted and having to stay for three days.

Remember last post titled "A Long and Painful Week"? Well - it appears that when Cami spiked the mystery fever that was discussed in that post it was most likely due to an infection in her esophagus which wasn't found until almost 2 weeks later. Obviously the Doctors never suspected anything wrong with her esophagus simply due to the fever, so it was not detected at the time.

A week later though after severe drooling, followed by intense vomiting, followed by severe drooling, followed by intense vomiting (okay you get the point) and a frantic Mom who had to rush her baby to the ER, the ER Doctors decided they needed to do an X-Ray of her throat to make sure there wasn't something caught in it causing the drooling, vomiting and trouble breathing. The X-Ray showed a 'mass' in her throat which needed to further be investigated with a CT Scan. The CT Scan thankfully didn't show anything too serious, but it did show that she had a severe esophageal infection causing a lot of swelling in the soft tissue of her esophagus which was partially blocking her airways (hence the drooling, vomiting and difficulty breathing).

Cami was admitted to the hospital in order to get IV antibiotic treatments and after 3 LONG days in the hospital we got the green light to continue antibiotic treatments at home so that we could be discharged.

Indeed it was frightening, scary, exhausting and another challenge for our family to go through but thankfully it's done.

Here are a few photos of the little patient during her stay in the hospital. We had to get very creative to find ways to keep her occupied since we couldn't let her down on the floor at all to crawl around. Needless to say, if you have a toddler you know HOW difficult it is to contain them for 5 minutes, none the less 3 days!

(Lots of tickles and giggles!)

(Lots of reading)

(Lots of kissing her picture book of family)
(And once the antibiotics started to kick in she was finally able to get some rest)

We hope to stay far far away from that hospital for a very long time, however at the same time we are so thankful for that hospital and the excellent care they have given to our little Cambria during both of her stays there.

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