Sunday, October 4, 2009

37 Weeks...

Dear Cambria,

I am now 37 and a half weeks pregnant with you and waiting gets more difficult by the day. Last Thursday we had our first trip to Labor and Delivery. I called the Doctor because I was having some pretty common signs of pregnancy - including regular contractions and nausea. The Doctor told me to go to Labor and Delivery and get checked to see what was going on. We found out that you looked great - you had a heart rate of 125. We also found out that Mommy is having regular contractions - every few minutes. Although I am having constant contractions, nothing had changed with my progress so they sent me home to continue with the early labor. I was just happy that everything was okay with you and that I was allowed to go home and continue on with my normal daily routines until you get here.

Daddy and I continue to wait patiently and wonder when you will decide to grace us with your presence. Mommy is VERY uncomfortable and ready to have you out with us. Doctor Hodges said that if you aren't here by my appointment this Tuesday that we will discuss induction since you are already a little chunk. :-) All I want in the end is a happy and healthy baby, so I will do whatever the Doctor thinks is necessary to make sure you're delivered safe and sound.

That's about it for this week. I hope that you will arrive before I have to write a 38 week letter, but only time will tell. The picture above was taken this morning of Mommy. I am a little embarassed because it's not the greatest picture of me, but it sure does show off how big you are! Come join us soon - we're all waiting!!!

Mom and Dad

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