Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Final Eviction Notice Served!

Okay Cambria, your eviction noticed has been served to you. The Doctor has set an induction date of October 15th due to your size unless you decide to arrive before then.

According to the Dr. she seemed to think that it would be surprising if I made it to October 15th without having you before then. I don't trust that though - they said the same thing last week and we're still hanging in there together. I feel better at least now knowing that if you don't decide to come on your own in the next week that you will be evicted whether you like it or not!

Come on, Daddy and I really are good people and we promise to make your world a REALLY cozy and wonderful place! Please come......PLEASEEEEEE! I'm begging you. I can't wait to meet my angel!

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