Tuesday, February 23, 2010

4 Months Stats

Our little baby girl is getting so big, so fast!

This past week Cambria went for her 4 month checkup, and shots, and it was confirmed that she's definitely growing! She weighed in at 14 pounds and 3 ounces and 25.25 inches tall. The Doctor told us that she's very tall for her age (about 90th percentile), which I'm not really sure where that came from since I'm small and Jon isn't too tall either, and her weight is average for her age (a little above 50th percentile).

We were instructed to start her on solids and the Doctor told us that when she goes back for her 6 month checkup she should be eating cereal, oatmeal, veggies and fruits! Oh how much fun the next 2 months will be.

Keep growing my angel!

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