Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Magic Touch

One of my most FAVORITE things about being a mother are all of the little sweet things that my Cambria does without even realizing it.

One of my latest guilty pleasures is going in to kiss Cami while she is sleeping in her crib. The reason I love it SO much is because as soon as my lips touch her cheek she lets out the most peaceful sigh ever and slowly turns her head towards me. It is almost as if it is her way of saying, "Ahhh, I can relax because my Mom is here".

Another reason I love it so much is because I know it decreases her heart rate. How do I know this? I learned this when Cami was in the hospital for her SVT. Every time that I would kiss her cheek and stroke her face her heart rate would slow down on the monitor. I guess it must be the magic touch of a mother.

I guess this 'magic touch' is just as enjoyable for Cami as it is for Mommy. I can only hope that as Cami gets older she still allows her Mommy to heal her with the 'magic touch' of my love.

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