Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Poor Baby!

The above picture is what we awoke to at about 2:30 AM last night. Cami woke up and clearly didn't feel well. She was whining and crying and was burning up. After trying to console for her about 30 minutes I finally took her temperature and found out she had a temperature of about 101 degrees. STUPID SHOTS!!! I gave her some tylenol and after a while longer of whining and pouting I decided to make her a bottle and see if that would calm her down. She downed her bottle and while I went to make her more she fell fast asleep with Daddy at last (see below).

Needless to say, Mommy, Daddy and Cami are all exhausted from our sleepless night last night. Cami has been sleeping for most of the day and only waking up to eat. I am hoping all of this sleep is helping her to fight off the fever and the 'ouchies' that she is dealing with.

Get better little Cambria - we want our happy, smiley, squealing baby back REAL soon!

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