Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Day In The Life Of Cambria's Mommy...

Being a Mom is everything and nothing that I imagined that it would be. I am more in love with my daughter than I ever thought I would be and yet I am way more stressed and overwhelmed at all of the 'duties' that Motherhood brings than I ever thought I would be as well.

What does a day in the life of Cambria's Mommy look like? Let me share with you...

Each day there are a couple things that are CERTAIN to happen. The first thing is that I will wake up, get Cami up, change her, feed her and then once she's asleep I clean and make bottles. Who ever knew that cleaning bottles and making new bottles for future feedings would be so time consuming? Some days it feels like I am in the kitchen nonstop doing nothing but dealing with bottles. It's so worth it though - our little girl LOVES her food!

Another thing that is CERTAIN to happen each day is that Mommy will find 5 minutes somewhere (sometimes I really have to search for those 5 minutes) to make a pot of coffee in the morning. If I did not make my pot of coffee for the day I am not sure I would survive. I missed my coffee so much while I was pregnant and now that Cambria is bottle feeding I can now resume my coffee intake....ahhhh!!! There's something special about sipping a cup of hot coffee while watching an adorable baby play, sleep or even cry. Heaven on earth!!

Another thing CERTAIN to happen each day is at least one load of laundry. Although this is not something that I really enjoy, it needs to be done. Some days it's baby laundry, some days it's adult laundry and some days it's both. It does seem that the laundry has doubled when little Cambria arrived though. Who knew an 8 pound human being could be so messy?!

The last thing that is CERTAIN to happen in the daily routine of Cambria's Mommy is LOTS and LOTS of snuggle time with Cambria. I sneak in as many snuggles, kisses and quiet moments with Cambria as I possibly can. This could also be one of the main reasons why not much else gets accomplished all day long (except those things mentioned above). I keep telling myself that I must take advantage of my maternity leave and my time home with my daughter and that every moment snuggling and playing with her is probably the most productive way that I could be spending my time. I MUST cherish these moments!!

There you have it - A day in the life of Cambria's Mommy! It doesn't appear that much goes on each day, but boy on boy - being a Mommy is the most difficult yet rewarding job EVER!!!

(*Please note how I did not write that one thing I do daily is take a shower. As ashamed as I am to say this, there are SOME days where I never make it to the shower. I know that eventually I will be able to pull it together to get back to my daily showers, but for now I'm okay with being a little stinky - especially when I don't have to leave the house. Some days I would just much rather snuggle with Cambria than put her down and hop into the shower...can you blame me?!)

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  1. trust me - it's ok if you go days without showering... you will adjust :)