Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

Cambria is becoming quite the sleeping beauty lately. I am not sure whether to attribute this to the fact that this new formula we switched her to is working really well, if she's just starting to get her days/nights straightened out or if she's just like her Mommy and loves some good sleep! Whatever the reason, Mommy and Daddy are LOVING it!

Usually Cambria eats last between 10 and 11 at night. She's generally pretty good about falling asleep right after finishing her last bottle. As soon as she falls asleep, Mommy swaddles her up in two blankets so she can't break free and then I scoop her up and take her upstairs and put her in her bassinet for the night.

(Jon and I call her our little burrito when she's all swaddled up...what a cutie!)

Once she's in her bassinet, she's out! The past four nights she has slept ALL night long. The first night she slept from 10-4:30 and I kept waking up to check on her because she was sleeping so long. The second night I didn't wake to check on her, instead I took advantage of the SWEET SWEET sleep! The second night she slept from 10:45 - 5:45...GLORIOUS! The third night she slept from 11:45 - 7:00 and last night was 11:30 - 5:45.

I think I have landed the DREAM baby! Keep up the good sleeping little angel!

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