Monday, November 30, 2009

With my whole heart

Most people tell me that whenever I do anything, I do it with my whole heart. I never really understood this fully until becoming a mother. I can honestly say that everything I do as a mother, I do with my whole heart.

I could not love my daughter more - it's simply not possible.

I wake up every morning happy to hear her crying/whining to get up and start her day. As I feed her throughout the day I stare into her eyes in total awe that she is mine and that she's as perfect as she is. When I change her stinky diapers I laugh and find myself happy to be doing this very disgusting task. There really is nothing about becoming a mother that I don't love.

I often thank God for not only providing me with the most beautiful gift in the world, a child, but also for allowing me to tackle motherhood with my whole heart.

I love you Cambria Leigh!

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