Monday, January 18, 2010

FABULOUS weekend!

I think Cami's bib in this picture perfectly captures in one word how our weekend was.

On Saturday (3 months and one day old) Cambria had two 'firsts'.

She had her first taste of rice cereal mixed in with her bottle and LOVED it! The Doctor recommended that we try this to thicken her formula and help with her acid reflux since we can't put her on any medications for her reflux due to the medications she is currently taking for her heart. She gets 2 Tablespoons of rice cereal mixed in with her 5 ounce bottles and so far she is gobbling up her bottles and it seems to be helping the reflux too. I am not having to fight with her to eat and she seems way happier. WOOOHOOO!!!

The other 'first' happened on Saturday morning too. Cami finally decided it was time for the big move. Drum-roll please.........Cami rolled over from her belly to her back all by herself!!! She was really working hard and finally she got herself on her side and Jon ran and got the video camera and shortly there after she finished the deed and rolled over. We are SO glad that we got her first ever roll over on film so we can show her when she's bigger. We are so proud of our little growing girl!!

We hope everyone's week is as fabulous as our weekend was!

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