Thursday, March 4, 2010

All Wired Up

Yesterday Cambria and I went for her monthly Cardiologist appointment for her SVT and this is how we came home. She is on a holter monitor for 24 hours in order for her Cardiologist to track her heart rate for 24 hours continuously to make sure she doesn't have any SVT episodes without us being aware of them. Although the monitor looks awfully uncomfortable, Cami surprisingly doesn't seem to mind it one bit!

Her appointment went great and we only got good news - PRAISE GOD!

They did an echocardiogram (the last one she had was in the hospital when she was first diagnosed with SVT) to make sure that structurally everything was normal and that there were no holes, structural defects or anything else that would cause heart problems. All checked out perfect according to the Doctor. She even said that when looking at the images that one would never know Cami ever had any type of problem with her heart.

They also did an EKG (they do one of these every time we go to the Cardiologist) and that came back perfectly too. Last time we went her heart rate was a little on the slow side and so we had to adjust her medications - not today! Today her heart rate looked SO good!

After talking with the Doctor it was decided that Cami is ready to come off of one of her heart medications (she is currently on 2). The Doctor said that she no longer needs to take her daily doses of Propranolol to lower her heart rate because she's doing so well and they are confident that her heart rate will stay normal now with taking her off of this medicine. We are slowly weaning her off of it and by Saturday evening she will only be on 1 heart medication. THANK GOD!

We continue to give her the other heart medication for now because it prevents future SVT episodes and although she has gone almost 4 months with no episodes now, the Dr. isn't ready yet to take her off of all medications. I am okay with this - I don't want to rush anything and have her end up back in the hospital. The Doctor seemed hopeful that between 9 months and 1 year we will be able to totally get her off of everything and never ever have to worry about SVT again in her life!!!

All in all it was a great appointment with great news. I could not be more thankful and proud of my little fighter. She sure has been through a lot in her 4 months on this earth and she's pulling through it as if it is easy as pie. The day we get off all heart medications we are going to have a BIG celebration!!

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