Wednesday, March 31, 2010


(Look at this face - how could you resist?!?)

This morning at about 6:15 Cami woke up. She woke up in the most wonderful mood - all I could hear on the monitor was cooing and giggling. When I finally got up enough strength to roll over and look at her on the monitor all I saw was a big huge smile on her face. I knew it was time to get up and seize this beautiful morning with my daughter.

When I went in to get Cami her smile grew even bigger, if that was at all possible. She also put her arms straight up as if she were reaching for me. It sure did melt my heart! Cami and I came downstairs and had our usual morning playdate in her jumperoo followed by medicine, an 8 ounce bottle and TONS of hugs and kisses.

Cami is now FAST asleep back upstairs in her crib for her morning nap. I can't wait for her to wake up, although I hope it's not for another 2 hours, so we can begin the rest of our day together.

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