Friday, March 5, 2010

Burrito Evolution

When Jon and I brought Cambria home from the hospital we very quickly learned that she was a good sleeper. We learned that the hard way though - after one long night of NO sleeping and a screaming baby. I will never forget that night. We tried EVERYTHING! I changed her multiple times, fed her, rocked her, burped her, bounced her, walked around the house, etc. for hours on end with nothing working to calm her down. Finally, after waking up my Mom for help since I was exhausted and frustrated, she had a novel idea: she told me she didnt think Cambria was warm enough and she wanted to be wrapped up tight and warm. So, the swaddle began. It was like magic! As soon as we swaddled our new little angel up she slept - for 5 hours straight!

Since that day Cambria has been swaddled every single night before bed and she sleeps ALL night long all wrapped up looking like our little Burrito.
Over the past few weeks Cambria has been trying to roll over in her sleep. This has made me nervous because her arms are all wrapped up and I worry that if she rolls over she will suffocate herself because she won't have her arms free to move around. At her 4 month appointment I asked the Doctor about this and she suggested slowly weaning our little Burrito from her swaddle.

The first week we left one arm out to see how she would tolerate that. SUCCESS!!! She continued sleeping ALL night and only woke herself up once or twice by hitting herself in the face. Luckily for us she fell back asleep within a minute or two after she clonked herself.
After about a week of one arm out we decided it was time for both arms. Much to our surprise that has been a success so far too. The only difference that we really have noticed is it has made it a little harder at night for Cami to fall asleep because she knocks her paci out of her mouth with her hands now and we have to replace it a few times before she is finally out for the night.
I think in another week Cami will be completely weaned from the swaddle. I can't believe what a big girl she is now! Where did my little Burrito go?!?

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