Thursday, May 20, 2010

7 Months

Dear Cambria,

You are officially 7 months old now. Each month that you turn older Daddy and I are shocked that you are getting so big and changing so much. It seems that we just started getting used to telling people you were 6 months old and now we have to tell everyone you are 7 months old.

Although I know I say this EVERY month, you really have changed so much this past month. You have learned to sit all by yourself and you love being independent and sitting on the floor playing with your toys by yourself. It's so crazy - when I look at you sitting all by yourself I no longer see my little baby. I see this beautiful little girl that you are turning into.

You now are a rolling machine and it's getting impossible to change your diaper. As soon as we lay you down on your back you immediately try to roll over onto your tummy. You are fascinated with being on your tummy lately because you REALLY want to crawl. You push your arms up and pull up onto your knees but you don't quite have all of the coordination together yet to start moving. In the meantime, it's adorable to watch you discover new ways to reach where you want to go (ie. rolling, scooching, etc.). Although I can't wait for you to crawl, at the same time I want you to wait a few more weeks because you are so mischievous already that I know Daddy and I are going to be SO busy chasing you when you can really move and explore.

Another really great thing you've caught onto in the last month is your voice. Yes you have been into squeaking and squealing in the previous months, but this month you have figured out how to talk like a big girl. You will sit on the floor and say "babababa" and "dadadada" and you always look so proud of yourself. You say it so sweetly and with such confidence and we love hearing your sweet little girl voice. You also love to laugh lately, however it's no longer a baby laugh. You now have this hearty little girl laugh and we will do just about anything to hear you do it. Many times you do it just because you like to hear it yourself. You sure are quite the vocal girl.

As for eating, you still love your bottles and you're eating about 32-35 ounces of formula a day. We also very quickly figured out this past month that you HATE baby food and you only want real food. I tried one morning to give you little bits of a real banana and you gobbled it right up. The next day I gave you some more banana and again you loved it. We slowly have started introducing table foods (the pediatrician told us it's fine because you are so good at 'chewing') and you LOVE table food. Some of your favorites are banana, avacado, puffs, yogurt melts, and strawberries. I think baby food is a thing of the past for you and we are just going to have to feed you small pieces of real food. You love to feed yourself and we are thrilled that we figured out how much you love real food. It makes for a much easier Mommy, Daddy and Cami when it comes to feeding time. We love watching you shake your arms in excitement as we come close to your highchair with food.

So, as you can see you have been VERY busy in the past month. We love watching you grow and change and each month brings so many new experiences and adventures. I can't wait to see just how far you will have come in another month. Keep growing my little love muffin!!!


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