Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First Visit to Virginia Tech!!!

This post is a few weeks late but I could not possibly let this go by without blogging about it. Two weeks ago little Cambria had her very first visit to Virginia Tech for her Aunt Brittany's graduation. Jon and I were THRILLED to have her down in the 'burg where we spent 4 years together having the time of our lives. We had a GREAT weekend and here are some pictures to show how busy Cami's weekend in Blacksburg really was!

The weekend started off with lunch out for sushi!

We played LOTS of dress up! (Cami is definitely her Aunt B's real life baby doll.)

The graduate and her goddaughter getting ready on graduation morning.

Cami a little unsure about the itchy grass outside of Burruss Hall on campus.

She did it!! Congratulations to Aunt B! A fun weekend was definitely had by all!!

Maybe in another 21 years we will be back in good ole' Blacksburg for Cambria's graduation?!?!

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