Sunday, May 2, 2010

Top 10

I have decided that periodically I will make a top 10 list. This list will be the most current top 10 things that Cambria does that I am obsessed with. I have been thinking about making this list for a long time because every time she starts doing something new that I love I say to Jon, "this is one of my favorite things" and he quickly reminds me that it seems as though I say that about everything. I am afraid if I don't start writing these 'favorite' things down I may forget them.

Here goes current top 10 favorite things Cami does (in random order).

10. When we are holding her she very gently reaches for our faces as if she is exploring. It's priceless because she looks so intrigued and interested as she touches all of our facial features. My favorite part about this though is how gentle she is when she does it. She never grabs, pulls or hurts - it's almost as if she knows everything is attached to us and she doesn't want to hurt us. Gotta love an exploring baby!!

9. After her bottle when I am burping her over my shoulder she likes to snuggle. I LOVE THIS!!! She will lay her head on my shoulder and you can feel all of her muscles in her body relax and she lays quietly and gently against my chest. Some nights after she eats she will be so sleepy that she will actually fall asleep like this and it's those moments that I just wish I could freeze time.

8. When we lay Cami in her crib she does this little wiggle movement that we call the frog. It's so funny because it kinda reminds me of what I do when I get into bed each night where I just kinda kick my legs around in the sheets before settling down to sleep. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

7. I LOVE the way she smiles at Jon and I. She is such a happy baby and it doesn't take much to make her smile (although I like to think she saves the real big smiles for just her Mommy and Daddy). Not only do her smiles light up our faces but when she smiles her entire face lights up. When Cami smiles it starts in her lips, travels to her cheeks and ends with her's truly an unbelievable feeling when she smiles at you.

6. She is so determined! Lately she has been really changing developmentally. She has been rolling over both ways for a while now but just recently ALL she wants to do is roll. When we are changing her she tries to roll away from us, when we are giving her medicine she tries to roll away, when we are tickling her she tries to roll away and just last night she decided she wanted to roll in her sleep onto her belly. She is also determined to learn to sit. She sits in her bouncy seat (she refuses to lay back in it now), she sits straight up in her high chair, she loves sitting on the couch with us, yet she still weebles and wobbles when she's on her own. Just yesterday though she sat on her own for probably a minute or two before toppling sideways!

5. Lately Cami is a napper and it's fabulous. She takes at least 2 good naps a day and sometimes a third. This is wonderful because previously she was only napping for 20-30 minutes at random times during the day and this was making it hard to get her on a set schedule. She is now happy when we put her down for her naps and it makes our lives so much easier too.

4. Cambria loves to be rocked lately. When she starts to get sleepy and I take her up to her room and start to rock her in the glider immediately her eyes start to roll back in her head and she starts breathing slower. I know she's really sleepy when she lets out that one last final sigh and turns her head towards me to snuggle up. Many times I sit with her fast asleep in my arms and just stare at her, listen to her breathe, smell that wonderful baby smell and just consume everything there is to consume about her. Good thing she likes to be rocked now!! :-)

3. Cambria is a talker lately. She is really learning how to express herself verbally and it's adorable. She babbles, coos, cries, squeals, giggles and screams. Many times when she's talking it almost sounds as though she's trying to really say something. We love listening to her talk, encouraging her to talk and talking with her.

2. This one isn't really something that Cami does, but it's more something that she has. Lately she has this one chunk of hair on her head that constantly sticks up. At first we thought it was a cowlick but now when you watch her sleep you can see that she tends to sleep on her left side and it pushes her hair up where she sleeps on it. Whatever the reason it's there, it's so stickin' cute!!

1. And now - the number one favorite thing that Cami is doing lately......she is THRIVING! I could not be happier that she's healthy, growing and happy. With all of the medical issues with Cami over the past 6 months of her life it's so wonderful to have a happy and healthy baby who doesn't have to go to the Doctor what seems like multiple times a week. We pray every night that she continues to thrive and continue to grow into that beautiful little girl that she's already quickly becoming.

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