Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Shopper in Training

Cami has officially been upgraded to 'big girl' status and she no longer stays in her infant carseat when we go grocery shopping. She is MUCH happier to sit in the front of the shopping cart and be able to look around at all of the action going on. She especially enjoys when people talk to her and she will kick her feet and get this little grin on her face as if she's thinking, "I'm know I'm cute and that's why people are talking to me". Mommy has also realized that riding in the shopping cart tires Cami out WAY more than her laying in her infant seat as we shop, so this benefits all parties involved.

All in all, Cami is a little shopper in training. She intently watches every item that Mommy picks up off of the shelves (and she would inspect every item too way more closely if I would hand them each to her). She is always (okay, ALMOST always) content and happy when we're in the grocery store.

My favorite part of grocery shopping with Cami though is her love for the receipt. I know it sounds silly, but if you know me, you know I am big into checking my receipts and making sure I got all of the deals I was supposed to (I blame this on working as a cashier in a grocery store for years in high school and college). I absolutely LOVE that after the cashier hands me the receipt my daughter immediately reaches for it and looks at it so intensely as though she too is helping Mommy to check to make sure we weren't overcharged. It's almost as though she knows that Mommy and Daddy must save EVERY penny possible to give her all of the things she wants/needs in life.

Way to go Cami - keep helping Mommy and Daddy save those pennies so you can go to college someday and not to have pay for ANY of it yourself!

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