Wednesday, August 19, 2009

31 Week Letter

Dear Little Miss Cambria,

I apologize for not writing a 30 week letter to you last week. Things were just too crazy in my life and I didn't get around to it. Now I am back in the swing of things and ready to write to you again.

As of today I am officially 31 weeks pregnant with you. Wow - it almost scares me to say that. 31 weeks seems so far along in my pregnancy and SO close to meeting you!! You are running out of room in my stomach and I'm a little curious as to how you'll even be living in there in another few weeks. Every time you make ANY type of movement now I not only feel it but I can see it from the outside too. Even a little girl at work today claimed she knew I was having a baby because she "saw my belly move" when she was standing next to me. Apparently I'm not the only one that sees you moving around a lot!

I love that you're growing and I love that each day my stomach seems as though it has doubled in size from the previous day. The picture above is a beautiful picture your Daddy took on the morning of Mammy's funeral. I was getting ready and he snapped the picture without me knowing. Your Daddy is fascinated lately at how big you are becoming too. I absolutely love how excited he is now that my belly is so big. Every day he kisses you numerous times and tells you how much he loves you. He has even given my stomach a new nickname: torpedo belly.

What a miracle it is to be pregnant with you and to have new life growing inside of me! As I've mentioned before, when I was little I always dreamed of the day I would find my Prince Charming, get married and be pregnant with a baby. Now that I am actually living that dream, pregnancy is nothing and everything that I expected it to be all rolled into one. Feeling you move inside me is NOTHING what I had imagined it to be - I don't know why and I can't explain it, it just isn't. On the same note, feeling you move inside of me is by far way more cool than I ever expected it to be as well! I will NEVER be able to verbally express the intense motherly bond that I share with you right now. I must admit - although I'm SO excited to meet you in 2 months I am also a little sad to see my pregnancy end. Once you're out in the wide open world that means I have to share you with other people. Rest assured too that there are PLENTY of people who will be pestering me constantly to spend LOTS of quality time with you - your Daddy being #1 on the list. :-) I guess I don't mind sharing with him, especially since he helped make you!

Stay safe, grow stronger, longer and more beautiful every single day. Soon enough you'll be making your departure into the real world to help Daddy and I figure out our next journey in life together: Parenthood! We love you with all of our hearts!!!


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