Saturday, August 8, 2009

Presenting Cambria in 3D!

Today we had our big 3D/4D ultrasound done. My Mom, my Dad, my sister (Brittany) and of course Jon were all present. It was a great experience and we definitely learned a lot about Cami.

The first thing we learned is that she is DEFINITELY a girl and there is no mistaking it. Jon breathed a sigh of relief when they told him that since our house has been overtaken with pink! She continues to have a strong heartbeat too - today it was 141 beats per minute.

The second thing we learned is that she is stubborn beyond belief. Her head is still down (on the left side) and she is facing my back. This did not make for great pictures of her face since the back of her head is what was facing up towards the camera. The Dr. that did the ultrasound poked, prodded, had me turn on my side multiple times, had me cough and make noises and all to no avail. She stayed stubborn and remained cozied up (face first into it actually) next to the placenta as if it were her personal body pillow. Honestly, who could blame her? I like to sleep with a body pillow lately and I am DEFINITELY the queen of coziness. I am beginning to think she will be more and more like her Momma! We did manage to get some pictures but they aren't the clearest photos since they had to be VERY clever about the angle they got them from and a lot of the pictures the sound waves had to go through the placenta to capture any of her facial features.

The third thing we learned about her is that she is BEAUTIFUL and smart. She has the cutest little nose and mouth, although we are undecided who they belong to (I think they're a combination of Jon and I). She's smart because every time the umbilical cord passed by her face she opened her mouth as if she was ready to eat. Also, by the end of our ultrasound she was trying to suck on her toes. How cute is that?!

Anyways - here are a few of the better pictures we got of our little Princess. I can hardly contain myself to see her in real life within the next 10 weeks. I can't believe the time will be here so soon! Grow little Cami, grow!!!

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  1. How precious! Can't wait to see her in real life!